Best reed diffusers – 10 top buys for every room in your home

The Ideal Home guide on the best reed diffusers for unique smelling rooms
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  • If you are looking for a reed diffuser for your home, to flood the air within your four walls with lovely smells, then we can help you choose a scent without smelling it for real – we are your eyes and your nose in this situation. Whether you prefer floral and fruity smells, you often opt for something subtle yet natural, or, maybe you love woody, smoky fragrances? We’re here to find something to suit the style of your home (yes, this is important!) and something that your nose will love. That and we have rounded up the best reed diffusers, for every room – something for your bathroom, hallway, bedroom, living space… you get the idea.

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    Why a reed diffuser? These are much safer to use as opposed to candles (though we obviously still love a candle), and they require basically zero effort from you – all you need to do is turn the reeds every now and then. Great for pet owners and parents, reed diffusers needn’t be watched around inquisitive hands (or paws), just place them well out of the way to do their job. Perhaps on a bookshelf, atop a chest of drawers, or on a high console table. The best part? You can control how much scent is released when using a reed diffuser – add more reeds to the mix for a stronger scent, remove to make it subtle. Where to use a reed diffuser? You can pop one of these in your bathroom, to keep it smelling lovely all of the time, in a hallway – to greet your guests on arrival – or in a living area, for a constant breath of (lovely smelling) fresh air. Also, a good quality reed diffuser will last for up to six months of use, depending on how many reeds you are using. Remember: you can get refills for certain reed diffusers, so you can top them up after use, instead of buying the entire thing again.

    We’ve rounded up our favourite fragrances of the season below…

    What is the best reed diffuser?

    We rate The White Company’s Spring reed diffuser as the best you can buy right now. It’s light yet floral and perfect for placing in any room in your home. Inside a decorative vessel that will fit in seamlessly to your decor, too.

    Buy now: The White Company Spring Diffuser, £27, The White Company.

    10 best reed diffusers for every room in your home

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