Five lovely ideas for celebrating Christmas day virtually with the whole family

Celebrate together, no matter how far apart you are

This is going to be a very different Christmas for many households in the UK. Many of us have had to either scale down the festivities or celebrate Christmas away from our loved ones. However, thanks to the internet there are many ways to stay connected and celebrate the big day.

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Furniture and Choice have shared five ideas for celebrating Christmas remotely. Including maintaining family traditions, even when you're apart.

Five ideas for celebrating Christmas remotely

1. Cook and eat Christmas dinner together

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Christmas dinner is one of the highlights of the year. From making the stuffing to sitting down with the whole family to pull crackers and ladle gravy onto plates.

While crackers might be out of the question this year, you can still enjoy a Christmas dinner together thanks on Facetime or Zoom. Share recipes ahead of time so that you can all prepare and cook together on the big day.

Book in a time for cooking, and make sure you let everyone know when you'll be eating. Then make space for a laptop or screen at the end of the table so you can all tuck in together. This is a great way to chat, and the typical culinary triumphs and often disasters of Christmas cooking together.

2. Host a Christmas craft competition

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We've all been in that awkward position, trying to make small talk for the hundredth time via a video call. Relieve the pressure and get a little silly with a Christmas craft competition using items lying around the house.

Set a challenge from creating a table centrepiece, to the best festive headwear. Then select a judge to choose the winner, or vote as a group for your favourite.

3. Create a playlist to listen to music together

Creating a playlist on Spotify or Apple Music for the whole family to listen to where ever they're spending 25th December is a great way to stay connected. You can designate someone as your online DJ, or create a publish playlist that everyone can contribute to.

Why not make things a little interesting by assigning each person letters of the alphabet to add artists beginning with that letter. Or choose a theme such as Christmas number ones, and see who can add the most songs to the playlist.

4. Play online games

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You don't need to give up your family quiz or a dramatic game of monopoly this year. Just take the games online.

The biggest bonus of this last year has been discovering the huge about of virtual game apps available. You can download the Monopoly app from the app store, and an online version of Cards against Humanity is now available to download for after the kids have gone to sleep.

Alternatively, show off your lockdown-honed quiz skills with Kahoot! The virtual quiz allows each person to select a quiz category they want to play. You can personalise it with a round specifically about your family.

5. Watch a movie together

If you enjoy settling down to a Christmas film together or usually watch the Queen's speech as a family, you can still do that. Settle on your viewing schedule for the day. Then either set up a WhatsApp chat to discuss the film or show or arrange a video call in the viewing breaks to debrief on Strictly or Call the Midwife.

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It is important to enjoy time with family and friends no matter where or how you're celebrating Christmas this year.

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