IKEA’s emotional Christmas advert has us all in tears

A piano or more time with mum and dad? Hear what children really want for Christmas 2015

IKEA’s adverts are always fun, bright and young and their Christmas campaigns are no exception.

Their hit 2014 ad #xmasnomatterwhat killed us with laughter as family’s suffer the same malfunctions we all do – too little wrapping paper, which results in a strip of last year’s stuff, ambitious bakes which end in smoking messes and tangled lights which weren’t packed away properly last year.

But ultimately it doesn’t matter because it’s still Christmas with your family and friends, no matter what.

The furniture retailer has released another brilliant Christmas campaign – an emotional advert filmed in Spanish which asks children what they wish for from Father Christmas this year. Secondly, they’re asked what they want from their parents.

Lists to Santa included an imaginative mix of guitars, unicorns and gadgets.

But ‘The Other Letter’ addressed to parents included very different hopes. One child asked for more of his parents’ time, another requested that the family eat dinner together every night and lastly, to simply have tickle and story time with mum and dad.

When asked which letter the children would send if they could only post one, they all replied the note to their parents.

The message is clear – that Christmas is about family time, not presents – but a unicorn wouldn’t hurt!

You can watch the tear-fest below. Tissues at the ready…

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