Ikea has just launched the app we've all been waiting for

Save yourself from pointless trips by trying out furniture in your home beforehand

A trip to Ikea is one of those things in life that you either love, or loathe. And even if you thought it was a brilliant idea when you headed out, there are plenty of things that can ruin your outing. Like fighting that impossible-to-steer trolley (while dodging other peoples' toddlers), struggling to fit a flat-pack in the car, and not getting enough gravy with your meatballs...

But the absolute worst things that can happen? Returning home empty handed, or building your furniture, only to find it doesn't really fit in the space it was intended for. And then having to take the offending item apart again and return it.

You could always buy online to avoid the dreaded real-life shopping experience, but hanging around at home for deliveries and returns is almost as excruciating.

Thankfully, Ikea has come up with a solution. Knowing all there is to know about the furniture biz, it understands that many people would appreciate an authentic shopping experience from the comfort of their own (Poang) armchair.

So the brand has turned to virtual reality to help you make exactly the right choices for your home.

image of mobile phone with ikea advertise

(Image credit: EFTMOnline/IKEA/YouTube)

Its new app, Ikea Place, will allow you to 'see' what a piece of furniture will look like in your home. All you have to do is point the camera on your phone at the space where you'd like that floor lamp/wardrobe/giant wall clock to be.

image of mobile with yellow sofa and table

(Image credit: EFTMOnline/IKEA/YouTube)

From beds to blinds, sofas to storage units, you can work out exactly how that new purchase will sit in your room – with no purchase required. Images will be superimposed onto your phone screen, scaled to size to really give you a sense of how it will feel in the space. Think of it a bit like Pokémon Go for interiors lovers.

Once you've decided that the chaise longue really is entirely vital for guaranteed future happiness, you can buy through the usual channels. Either purchase online and choose a home delivery, or buy it in store at your convenience.

The app will be available for iOS from October. Trust Ikea to be at the absolute forefront of revolutionising furniture shopping.

Written by Marianna Manson

Ginevra Benedetti
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