IKEA’s clever new product is a must-have for noisy homes

Get that peaceful nights sleep you've been longing for
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  • If you live in a noisy city, near a main road or just have noisy neighbours, you’ll know that there are some sounds even double-glazing can’t muffle. If you are tired of screeching over the sounds of cars, or being woken by your neighbour’s TV IKEA has the perfect solution.

    The new IKEA sound absorbing panel is the new ear-saving solution from the innovative Swedish powerhouse.

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    They work by dampening the general sound level in the Living room or bedroom.

    They can also be used to absorb background sound inside a house, for example, the sound of your partner doing the dishes – or more likely watching the TV.

    New IKEA sound absorbing panels

    IKEA sound absorbing panels 1

    The grey circular panels come in packs of 15 priced at £25 and feature a different shade of grey on each side. They can be put together in a variety of ways to create a functional but stunning wall hanging or room divider.

    The panels can be hung in front of a bedroom window to muffle street sounds.

    The sound absorbing frequency of the IKEA panels vary depending on how many you piece together. And where you hang them.

    IKEA recommends using at least 4 packs of panels and hanging them 10cm from the wall for maximum effect.

    IKEA sound absorbing panels 2

    Buy now: Pack of 15 ODDLAUG sound absorbing panels, £25, IKEA

    ‘IKEA’s new ODDLAUG sound absorbing panels are a fantastic customisable solution for dampening the general sound level in a room,’ says Carol McSeveney, Textiles Sales Leader for IKEA UK and Ireland.

    ‘Whether it’s the clatter of pots and pans from the kitchen, noise from the TV or the world outside, the panels make it easier to hear the conversation and create a comfortable sound level in a room,’ she explains.

    IKEA sound absorbing panels 3

    Giving her styling tips Carol says, ‘You can easily hang them on your wall or from the ceiling. As well as being a useful room divider separating and subduing noise in the home.’

    ‘Simply piece them together however you like. Each piece has a different colour on the front and back, enabling you to create your own style,’ she adds.

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    Pair your panels with other soft furnishings like sofas, rugs and curtains to great the quiet home oasis you’ve been longing for.

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