Get set for spring with these interior garden ideas

Spruce up your home with a splash of colour and the smell of summer with these interior garden designs

garden room with grey wall and wooden flooring and plants
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There is nothing better than a stroll thorough a manicured park on a summer afternoon. There is also nothing worse than weeding a patio path on your knees on a rainy Sunday morning.

Well, we have the solution...

Interior gardens.

They are all the rage at haute hotels and ‘it'
eateries across the globe, so it's time to jump into the forest and fill your home with cascading stems and exotic plants...

Keep it simple

living room with dark paint on the wall and window with wooden flooring.

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If this is your first green-fingered experience or you don't trust yourself to keep a garden of plants alive then keep things simple. A large potted plant like this one is easy to upkeep whilst adding just the right amount of jungle drama.

Grow a rainforest in the bathroom

bathroom area with white wall and small sink with white chair and cushion

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Certain plants will thrive in the moisture of a bathroom whilst adding some greenery to the basic white shell. Keep the rest of the room rustic like this small sink, wooden side panel and basic tap for the ultimate rainforest hut feel.

Plant a herb garden

kitchen area with white wall and tiles flooring with wooden kitchen worktop and cabinet

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Reap the rewards of a mini herb garden in your kitchen. You won't have to worry about ruthless weather causing havoc on your herbs and the scented sprigs of mint, coriander and chive will add aromas and colours to your kitchen.

Cover your shelves

garden area with bland shelving and glass domes with steel vases.

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Cover a bland shelving unit in entwined plants to make it brighter. Try displaying them in steel vases, under glass domes and beside quirky ornaments to make an evergreen feature in any room of the house.

Hang your plants, not your photos

room with grey wall and wooden chair with plants on wall.

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Find alternate ways to display your indoor garden that doesn't involve a pot or vase. These swaying wreaths are special, unique and create a real focal point.

Stairway to heaven

stairway with white wall and plants.

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Pot some exotic leaves up your stairwell to add a bit of life to an otherwise plain spot. A cactus and aloe vera plant on white wash, wooden stairs adds a desert feel to an English home.

Test a terrarium

room with grey wall and glass domes with plants on wooden table.

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Try out a terrarium garden with teeny tiny flowers in a glass shelter. You don't need to be green fingered to keep this garden alive and they add colour to any surface or tabletop in every room.


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