It's a boy! Mug manufacturer has Royal premonition and declares 'a son is born to William and Kate'

Spooky: do they know something we don't? The Hosanna China Company has already produced a royal baby mug declaring 'Glory be to God' and celebrating the arrival of a royal baby... boy!

Want to be first in line to snap up a celebratory souvenir of the impending royal baby?

One company is so keen to celebrate the happy event, it has already produced a collectable china mug declaring 'A son is born to William and Kate'.

Presumably this will come as quite a surprise to Kate and Wills as they are yet to annouce the gender of their unborn baby and are unlikely to have mentioned it in passing to the Hosanna China Company.

white cup with baby printed

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Considering public opinion is heavily leaning towards the Royal couple having a girl, the arrival of this premature mug is even more surprising.

The depiction of the future monarch as a cherub in the sky being crowned by angels is more than a little alarming, as is the accompanying poem 'God bless your infant son, destined to make this world a better place...Teach him to trust your wisdom and obey your special plan.'


But if you would like to snap one up to display in your kitchen, it's yours for just £10. Get in quick, though, as the Hosanna China website states 'this beautiful mug... is available to you now for a limited time.' Presumably until Kate gives birth to a baby girl.

kate and wills couple

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The Royal couple are notoriously unlucky with their commemorative items. We still wish we had snapped up one of the mugs produced by Guandong Enterprises to celebrate the Royal couple's first anniversay featuring Kate and... er... Harry.

The company that produced the mug proudly declared 'one year
on the world remembers'. But it seems that some of us remember better
than others as we're pretty sure she married the other brother.

will and kate wedding anniversary card

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For the sceptics amongst you, the authenticity of this anniversary mug has been the cause of some scrutiny as, despite the Chinese-sounding company name, the website shows the firm's registered office is in North Finchley, London.

The firm also 'accidentally' made the same mistake prior to the wedding last year, giving rise to suggestions that it was, in fact, an elaborate spoof.

Either way, everyone at Housetohome has their fingers crossed for the safe delivery of The Duke and Duchess's first baby, be it boy, girl or crowned cherub.

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