How to survive the January sales 2018

Here's our tops tips to make the most of this year's January sales

The January sales can be a bargain hunter's dream, but before you join the masses, check out our top tips on making the most of the sales and getting the best deals.

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1. Make considered buys

Think about what you actually need. It's easy to get carried away when you see plenty of sale tags but avoid spending a fortune by having a list of pieces that were looking a little tired and worn at the end of the year and need replacing. Equally buys familiar brands or specific items you have always wanted, that now are on a deal to save money.

2. Shop online

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If you can't face the crush of January sales, the easiest way to shop is now online. Many stores offer the same, if not better, sale discounts on their websites, so you can shop from the comfort of your home – with many deals available well before January.

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3. Go it alone

If you're venturing out to the shopping centres, go alone. Be warned, January sale shopping is not a luxurious affair where one can stop for coffees and chat on the phone. Fellow shoppers are out to catch the best bargain - you had better start sharpening those elbows.

4. Spend gift vouchers

Use the gift vouchers you received for Christmas. By using them on sale items you will get twice as much for your money! Shop for those pieces you were hoping for but Santa didn't get you at the best rates.

5. Do your research

Search online before you hit the stores so you know what to expect and what prices you are bargaining with. Preparation is key when tackling January sales in stores.

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6. Plan a route

Plan your route and head to the most popular stores first. Crowds increase during the middle of the day, and also last thing in the afternoon, so try to avoid congested places at those times.

7. Know your rights

Your consumer rights on sale items are exactly the same as when you buy normal goods, so don't be afraid to return purchases if they have defects.

8. Seek comfort in the familiar

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Head to the shops and brands you are loyal to and familiar with the floor plan. It may have changed slightly in the sale, but generally you will know exactly where items are and be in and out in a flash.

9. Go equipped

As if going into battle, you have to be prepared! Wear comfy shoes and carry a bottle of water in your bag. If you're heading for a shopping centre, leave your coat in the car – shops can get really hot, even more so when they're busy and you're flustered.

10. Choose department stores

Head to big department stores where you can get everything you need in one spree. It saves wondering the blisteringly cold streets in January and will save time - you will thank us later.