Classic and contemporary design meet in John Lewis's new range: Croft

Featuring a beautiful blend of dusky greys and greens alongside polished steel and glass, this new collection is simple elegant design at its best...

bedroom with grey wall and bedside table
(Image credit: John Lewis)

Just when you thought they couldn't possibly do it again, John Lewis has produced another gorgeous home range.

Designed to bridge the gap between classic and contemporary design, Croft draws on feelings of nostalgia and is inspired by the British countryside.

living room with sofa tea table and fireplace

(Image credit: TBC)

Accessories feature pale wood, light greys and dusky greens, juxtaposed with polished steel and glass. The two concepts may sound contradictory, but the finished look is beautiful.

If a marriage of rustic and modernity was a primary aim, John Lewis has certainly achieved it.

The furniture collection, while currently small, is perfectly formed. Classic, elegant sofa and armchair designs come in a selection of fabrics - hundreds in fact.

The concept is a simple one and one we've seen before - let a designer do the hard part (create something timeless and beautiful) and you just pick the fabric to best complement your home.

The greys, greens and neutral tones continue into the bedroom range of this new collection. Patterns are simple and understated - a few stripes and checks here and there, but predominantly the quality of design and tone removes the need for overly complex or loud patterns.


kitchen area with dining table

(Image credit: TBC)

It is in the dining designs that the country influence comes into its own... greens and smoke greys sit side-by-side in blissful harmony, while the beautiful landscape images that feature on the mugs would inspire anyone to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Overall this is a beautiful collection that would fit seamlessly into any home with an existing country feel - from bedlinen to bread boards, this is simple elegant design at its best.

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