John Lewis says we've stopped buying THESE for our homes

Have you?

John Lewis & Partners has just released its 2018 trend report, looking back to see what's made it into customers' baskets – and predicting what we'll be shopping for in 2019. We think it makes fascinating reading – as much for what's out as what's in.

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Of course, this year has been a tough one for the high street, with sales down across the board. Still, a few of the things John Lewis says we've stopped buying really surprised us – do they come as a shock to you?

1. Small TVs – sales down 34 per cent

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When it comes to TVs, it's increasingly a case of 'go big or go home' at John Lewis. In the first half of 2018, screens of less than 31 inches saw sales drop 34 per cent compared to the year before. Yet sales of 70-inch screens pretty much doubled.

With phone screens now huge, and tablets and devices like the Amazon Echo Show doing the job of the TV and more in rooms like the kitchen, we predict small TVs will soon be off the shelves for good.

2. DVD players – sales down 40 per cent

Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime are accelerating the demise of the DVD. When you can access every show and movie Tom Hardy has ever been in just by saying his name into your remote, who needs a big pile of plastic cases cluttering up the place?

3. Alarm clocks – sales down 16 per cent

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We might still be buying vintage ones for decoration. But as far as John Lewis is concerned, we're ditching the alarm clock as a gadget and using our phones instead. With sales dropping, the store has reduced its alarm clock range by 30 per cent.

4. Trouser presses – sales down 36 per cent

As with DVD players, we didn't realise John Lewis still sold these. And though Alan Partridge may have found dismantling one a good way to relieve boredom, the trouser press is rapidly falling out of favour with hard core fans. We blame those steam-gem irons.

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5. Desktop computers – sales down 15 per cent

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(Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole)

Along with TVs, desktop computers are another victim of Generation Smartphone. It's a scary but widely accepted that  a typical new smartphone has more computing power than was available to all of NASA when it sent Neil Armstrong to the moon.

6. Door knockers – sales down 9 per cent

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We love a pretty bit of ironmongery at IH Towers, so we don't believe we're really turning our back on the door knocker for good. Sure, we can definitely see the appeal of smart doorbells like Ring, the sales of which are up 367 per cent by comparison. But the best-dressed doors will always sport a pretty ring or urn knocker alongside its high-tech equivalent.

What do you think? Are you knocking these findings or are you all ready to ring the changes?!

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