Kirstie Allsopp sparks huge debate as she brands plug-in air fresheners ‘unacceptable’

Where do you stand?

In today's busy households the constant coming and going of different family members, including our much-loved four-legged friends, means that a variety of odours can often linger within our four walls.

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And when we're not reaching for a bottle of Febreeze in search of that clean, fresh smell another popular option is plug-in air fresheners, which quietly work in the background to emit a pleasing fragrance into our homes.

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But while this seemingly innocuous 'cleaning' product has been a hit with shoppers since the early 2000s, there's one person that isn't so enamoured with this solution to smells in our abodes. And that's none other than Location, Location, Location presenter and all-round property guru Kirstie Allsopp.

Taking to Twitter the 47-year-old – who's never one to shy away from a debate – voiced her concerns about the potential environmental damage that could be caused by the routine use of plug-in air fresheners.

Naturally her comments divided opinions on the Twitterverse. Some were ready to to see her perspective.

'This Kirstie absolutely this! It’s also why I don’t buy into Mrs Hinch’s need to Febreeze her bed and curtains every single day. Why?! Open'

'Agree! Much nicer and safer to have a diffuser with lovely essential oils!'

'Well done Kirstie! (spelt correctly today!) If people want to sell their houses, clean them, tidy them and you're half way there. Fake vanilla/cinnamon whiffs are most unpleasant. However a bit of kitchen/bathroom cleaner and fresh air works wonders. :-)'

'And unnecessary electricity use... your plug in air freshener is creating pollution in someone else’s backyard.'

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Others, however, struggled to see why the TV presenter had taken such as strong stance on a popular home product.

'@KirstieMAllsopp while I do love your honesty, directness and dresses, I equally dislike your blanket intolerance of air fresheners. What has a plug in ever done to you? #eachtotheirown'

'I don't use them to disguise a smelly house, I buy them because I like the different fragrances, I clean my house & have the windows open every day when at home, my husband loves them more than me.'

'Im all for opening a window and airing the place but theres no fragrance? I have a clean house but choose to have an ambi-pur 3voloution plug in on the lowest settings because I like the smell. Visitors always comment on how nice it smells (not overpowering at all).'

And things didn't end there. Kirstie also moved the conversation on to whether there was really a need to disinfect our homes – Mrs Hinch look away now – including taking aim at a well-known dirt-busting buy.

Again reactions to the above comments where split down the line. Those who concurred had this to say:

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'Love this! Over the last year, we’ve gone into natural cleaning products as part of our #noplastic drive. What’s the impact? The house looks the same as ever, kids all well and strong, dog happy and the eczema I used to get on my hands is GONE!'

'Couldn’t love this tweet more. Preach! @KirstieMAllsopp In addition to the damage to the seas, people should also watch Stink! the movie and check out what ‘fragrance’ can do to your own health and well-being.

While those on the other side of the fence, didn't hold back.

'Oh blimey @KirstieMAllsopp I’m not sure I am no expert but I do know @LoveZoflora has been around for ever, good for cleaning floors and throwing down the loo post someone being sick. And it’s made in Yorkshire that’s good enough for me. I’m not a dettox everything kind of person.'

'my mother used to douse her house in #zoflora..... I lived, just!!!'

'Do u have any animals? I’m Paranoid my house stinks of dog! Opening a window doesn’t do the job unfortunately. it’s more about freshening up the house rather than getting rid of all germs. For me anyway.'

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Do you rely on plug-in air fresheners in your home?