See this incredible kitchen makeover that literally cost pennies

Would you have the patience?

One savvy DIY-er transformed her kitchen for pennies with this incredible kitchen penny makeover.

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Emma Cox, from Crowland, Lincolnshire, has changed what it means to save up to redo the kitchen. The savvy mum of two decided to save up here coppers to create a one of a kind splashback, made entirely out of pennies.

before and after makeover of kitchen pennies

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Kitchen penny makeover

'I saw the idea on a floor and thought "why not put it on our wall?"' she told money-saving community

'We had quite a few pennies before lockdown, then our local post office had a few spare bags that we could buy when I went in one day to post a letter as the shops weren't open, ' Emma explains.

'I wanted a mix of old and news. We have ones as old as 1973, and we have some Spanish 50 cents and New Jersey pennies,' she adds.

kitchen makeover with grey shelve and chimney stack

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After collecting £65 worth of pennies, Emma spent £30 on adhesive and £20 on grout. However, the biggest investment was in time. Emma and her husband glued each coin on by hand to create the copper backdrop.

'We basically cleaned all the coins, prepped the wall by cleaning it, then filling and sanding any rough bits from the previous splashback,' she explains. 'Then we just glued them on with an adhesive sealant so it was heat and moisture resistant.'

The pair painstakingly glued each coin to the kitchen splashback before cleaning and grouting – our how to grout tiles guide has all the advice you need if you are embarking on a DIY splashback makeover. It has been a labour of love.

kitchen room with grey cabinet and chimney

(Image credit: Future PLC \Emma Cox /

'We have spent about five hours on the wall so far, and we have carried on around the whole of the kitchen,' Emma explains. 'We have about two hours of sticking left to go.'

'We spend a lot of time together as a family, but we work opposite shifts. sow ith the lockdown, it gave us more time together. We put the kids to bed, opened a bottle of wine and spent the nights sticking on pennies.'

'It's better than I anticipated, it looks amazing! It catches the light all day and the different shades of copper couldn't have been achieved if we had completed it with anything else.'

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Emma's stunning penny wall is the perfect example of what a little imagination and hard work can do. Have you been inspired to get creative with any old pennies lying around your house?

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