Can you guess what’s unusual about this fridge?

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  • It's not what it seems...

    At first glance, this probably looks like a regular French door fridge-freezer. So what’s so special about it?

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    Your first clue is that we spotted this fridge on a tour of LG’s Busan factory in Korea.


    Image credit: Amy Cutmore

    Can’t work it out? Maybe it will help if we showed you a little more…


    Image credit: Amy Cutmore

    Now that doesn’t look like the interior of your standard fridge, does it? And that’s because it’s not. This is in fact a kimchi fridge, and you’ll find one in most Korean homes.

    Kimchi is a Korean food staple. Just as we eat potatoes in various forms with most meals, the Koreans will serve different types of kimchi.

    It’s a popular side dish made by fermenting vegetables – typically cabbage, Korean radish or cucumber. And it’s often VERY spicy as it’s flavoured with potent red pepper.


    Image credit: Amy Cutmore

    LG’s kimchi fridge keeps the food stored inside at a temperature of 6.5°C. This creates the perfect growing conditions for kimchi, allowing the necessary lactic acid bacteria to develop.

    Because the temperature is so constant, it’s been known to keep milk for months at a time, provided you never open the door.


    Image credit: Amy Cutmore

    Any kimchi inside can be stored for months – door opened or not – thanks to  three LG technologies that keep it fresh.

    The first blast-cools the kimchi to preserve its texture and flavour, the second preserves and the third prevents any ‘freezer burn’ from affecting the taste.


    Image credit: Amy Cutmore

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    Many Koreans will fill this to the rafters with kimchi, but that’s not all it’s good for. You can also use the fridge to store frozen and chilled meat, fish and vegetables, as well as rice and grains.

    An LG kimchi fridge costs the equivalent of £2,200 – though you can’t yet buy one in the UK. Still, we always find it fascinating to understand how appliance needs vary between cultures. Can you imagine ever owning kimchi fridge?

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