The 1990s technology comeback that's sending everyone bananas

It's the return of the legendary Nokia banana phone!

We haven't been this excited about a 1990s revival since Gary Barlow and the boys decided to give things another go. But this is surely The Greatest Day for fans of the Nokia banana phone, as it's being re-released and goes on sale tomorrow.

It's another revival! We've spent years ripping them out of our bathrooms – but now they're back!

The Nokia 8110, as it's officially known, earned its nickname for its distinctive banana shape. And it's only right that it comes in yellow, as well as black.

nokia banana phone with white background

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It's not just the design that's a throwback – priced at £69.99, it's a reminder of simpler times, when phones didn't cost the price of a second-hand car.

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The phone first came to prominence thanks to a starring role in movie The Matrix, and little about it has been changed. Like the original, it boasts a mouthpiece that slides down from the body of the phone to answer and end calls. And yes, the Snake game is still on board, too.

One thing that has changed, however, is its 4G connectivity, which means you can browse the web faster. There's also a simple 2MP camera for snapping and the battery life is an incredible 25 days, making this a great festival or camping phone.

nokia phone with banana and black background

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To celebrate the 8110's return, Nokia commissioned a survey asking what else the British public really miss from the 1990s. And what did we think was the best thing about the decade? It was the music, with 36 per cent of the vote.

Next came tech, with 24 per cent admitting they still hold a torch for Gameboys, Tamagotchis and the 8110, obvs. And surprisingly, given the recent revival of crop tops, chokers and scrunchies, only came third with 10 per cent.

We've already got our hands on a Nokia banana phone. Keep your eye peeled (get it?) for our full verdict, coming soon.

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