Lakeland can barely keep up with the demand for THIS kitchen gadget

it's back in stock, grab it while you can!
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  • Oozing, melted cheese, crunchy toast and piping hot in the middle, that is the only way we accept our toasties. Luckily that is what this Lakeland microwave grill delivers.

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    Priced at £34.99, when the Lékué microwave grill was first introduced into Lakeland they flew off the shelves. The brand could barely keep the shelves stocks, as eager shopper’s swiped them up.

    If you’re wondering what all the excitement about a toastie maker is about, let us catch you up to speed.

    lakeland microwave grill 1

    At Ideal Home, we remember our toastie machine fondly as the only thing keeping our 18-year-old self alive at University. What we also remember is that not only were they a pain to clean, but unless you have £100 to spend on a luxurious Panini press they were a bit ugly.

    Well, the Lakeland microwave grill does away with those two issues. Not only are the griddle plates easy to clean – you can even put them in the dishwasher – but they can easily be tucked away in the frying pan drawer.

    Lakeland microwave grill 2

    Buy now: Lékué Microwave Grill, £34.99, Lakeland

    But that leads us to the next question, how exactly do they work? The grill is made up of two non-stick coated aluminium and silicone that grill you’re toasty in the microwave.

    If you’re dubious about the idea of crunchy toasties emerging from the microwave, we were too. But all sogginess is avoided by popping the pre-heated grill plates in the microwave for three minutes before using. When the toasted sandwich emerges it will be golden brown perfection.

    However, the feature that really peaked our interest was that the grill doesn’t just toast sandwiches. It can cook sausages in five minutes and salmon fillets in just two minutes, and that is just the start of its versatility. You can whip up steak, bacon and asparagus all in the microwave in minutes.

    Lakeland microwave grill 3

    But we’ve been holding onto the best news for last. If you were worried that you had missed out on sweeping up one of these grilling gems, you’ll be pleased to know they’re back in stock! If you’re a keen microwave cook or a toastie fan this could be your golden ticket to hassle free quick meals.

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    With one of these in our kitchen arsenal, we might never reach for the microwavable ready meals in M&S again.

    …we only said might.

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