Lidl takes on The White Company with designer-inspired candles and diffusers at fraction of the cost

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  • The collection also includes diffusers and room sprays

    First it was Aldi with their Jo Malone-rivalling range, and now the OTHER German supermarket is taking on The White Company. Yes, these Lidl candles are doppelgängers for the designer brand, from the packaging to their heady scents.

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    With Valentine’s day just around the corner, the launch couldn’t have been timed any better. The collection will be available in stores from this Thursday 7th February, but we don’t think those shelves will stay stocked for long!

    Lidl candles and home fragrance – the range in full


    Image credit: Lidl

    The Luxury Collection, as been officially named, doesn’t just comprise candles. You can also buy a reed diffuser, which poses less of a safety risk than a burning candle, particularly around pets or kids. And for a quick but immediate injection of scent, there’s a room spray.

    To keep things simple, each one is priced at at £3.99, meaning you can pick up the set of three in your favourite scent for under £12.

    In store only: The Luxury Collection candles, diffusers and room sprays, £3.99, Lidl



    Image credit: Lidl

    There are three fragrances to tempt you. Lidl’s Pomegranite with Mandarin & Amber is a take on The White Company’s signature Pomegranate scent, which also has notes of mandarin and amber, as well as patchouli. The next is Lavender with Neroli & Lemon (a match for The White Company’s White Lavender with Basil and Lemon).

    Making up the awesome trio is the classic Lime, Basil & Mandarin.


    Image credit: Lidl

    Lidl’s candle burning tips

    1. Always trim the wick before you light it. This slows the burn of your candle and makes sure its glass container doesn’t get too hot. 2mm is an ideal length,

    2. Keep your candle away from draughts. Don’t place it near a window or under an open fireplace, for example, as it could be unsafe.

    3. Leave your candle for  two hours to cool before you attempt to pick it up or trim the wick.

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    Do you fancy treating yourself to a few of these bargain home scents this week? If so, remember to earmark a trip to Lidl this Thursday 7th February to avoid disappointment!

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