Aldi’s candle collection welcomes two delicious new scents – both rivalling Jo Malone

They just keep coming! Two sweet new scents are added to best-selling Aldi home fragrance range this week
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  • There are two new Aldi candle fragrances in town! The discount supermarket has added new scents ‘Oud & Bergamot’ and ‘Honey & Nectarine’ to it’s phenomenally popular Hotel Collection of candles and diffusers.

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    You might remember the scents from Aldi’s special buy January drop. However, the two gorgeous scents are back in brand new matte packaging for Summer.

    new aldi candles 2

    The candles and diffusers are available to pre-order online for just £3.99, and will be available to buy in stores from the 9th August. You might want to act fast though, the candles and diffusers are selling fast!

    Pre-order now: Oud and Bergamot Matte Candle, £3.99, Aldi

    The Jo Malone inspired Aldi candles and diffusers have proved so hugely successful, they’re now staples on the Specialbuys shelves.

    New aldi candle 1

    Pre-order now: Honey and Nectarine Matte Candle, £3.99, Aldi

    The range is ever-expanding to suit all tastes, with recently added scents including Bitter Orange, Rose Noir and Sweet Almond & Macaroon.

    All these sweet new fragrances join the classic best-selling scents of Lime, Basil & Mandarin, Pomegranate and Peony.

    New Aldi candle scents for 2020

    aldi candles new scents honey and Oud

    The range of ‘Honey & Nectarine’ and ‘Oud & Bergamot’ where bought out earlier this year in the signature iridescent candles and reed diffusers. They have both been given a makeover for the summer in matte packaging, including a a sunny yellow and sumptuous grey.

    Honey and nectarine is a sweet scent, as you’d expect. The oud and bergamot blend is a woody aroma with citrus top notes. Both new offerings promise fresh fragrance to make homes smell delightful.


    Aldi bitter Orange candle

    The magnificent 4-wick candles make for real showstoppers. Introduced to the range at the end of last year the delicious ‘Bitter Orange’ proved a huge success.

    The scent is very familiar – perhaps we’re just thinking of Jo Malone’s ‘Orange Bitters’?!

    Aldi candles

    Image credit: Aldi

    The new sweet scent of Sweet Almond & Macaroon smells absolutely delicious! This is the scent which almost always sells out in my local store, stock up while you get the chance.

    Buy now: Sweet Almond & Macaroon Glass Candle, £3.99, Aldi


    aldi candles

    Best-selling centrepiece candle is makes a welcome return, in a new beautiful iridescent and antique gold design. Available in new Rose Noir and classic Pomegranate aromas, with 70 hours of burn time, these candles will ensure homes smell delicious all year round.

    In stores now: Hotel Collection 700g Candle Centrepiece, £9.99 each

    Aldi honey and nectarine candles

    Image credit: Aldi

    Let us know which of the new scents is your favourite.

    The original Aldi candles

    Aldi Candles

    When you think of scented candles, it’s fair to say that budget German supermarkets aren’t perhaps where you would expect to find them. However back in March 2017, the Aldi versions of three of Jo Malone’s most popular fragrances were so highly in demand, they sold out.

    At just £3.99 for 290g, a price that has not risen in the years since launch btw, it’s no wonder the Aldi candles fly off the shelves. When you compare the Lime, Basil & Mandarin, Pomegranate Noir and Freesia Pear candles to high-end brands the savings are huge.


    Lime Candle Centrepiece, £9.99, Aldi

    The Luxury three wick candle is the ideal centrepiece for the dining table. This 700g candle is bench-marked against Jo Malone’s Deluxe candles which sell for £120, this deliciously scented three-wick wonder is just £9.99!

    With their glass jars and metal lids, not to mention the near-identical names, the candles don’t have much to distinguish them visually from the £44 Jo Malone candles. Not surprisingly, during the sell out in March, people were putting the Aldi candles on eBay at highly inflated prices!

    Aldi Candles

    With regards to the candles, John Davis at European Flavours & Fragrances, Aldi’s fragrance house, explains, ‘Not only do Aldi’s premium candles equal the quality, strength and performance of high-end alternatives, they are significantly larger than their premium counterparts. Meaning the fragrance is likely to be stronger, too.’

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    ‘Our customers loved the luxury candles when we first launched them,’ says Tony Baines, joint managing director of corporate buying at Aldi ‘We listened to customer feedback and the candles back in store, permanently.’

    ‘The range is a great example of our commitment to offer premium products at amazingly low prices. Allowing customers to buy luxury products without over-spending or compromising.’

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