What has your sofa witnessed over its 11-year lifespan?

These stats might surprise you!

A sofa is often the heart of a home. From sipping our morning coffee to collapsing after a hard day’s work, and from catching up with friends and family to snuggling up with our partner, our sofa plays a part in some of the biggest and smallest moments in our lives.

We read on them, sleep on them, chat on them and eat on them, and our homes simply wouldn’t be the same without them.

To celebrate the importance of our beloved sofas, Furniture Village carried out some research to find out what the average life of our trusted companion looks like. And the results show that it really does witness a lot over its average 11-year lifespan.

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living room with wooden flooring, blue sofa set and fire place

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Here's what we've found out about the average sofa:

It’s an Aladdin’s cave

Over the course of it's 11-year lifetime, the average sofa will hide 168 lost toys. You'll search for your remote control in it's cushioned abyss 421 times. 52 per cent of us have lost money down the side of the sofa in our own home, but only 46 per cent report finding money down there. Curiously, six per cent of us admit to finding money down the side of someone else's sofa. Coincidence? We think not...

It’s a substitute bed

Exactly 50% of people admit to napping on the sofa every week, and over an 11-year period the average sofa will have provided a snoozing spot for 2,414 hours of sleeping or napping. People fall asleep in front of the TV 2,391 times, and after a couple's tiff the sofa will become a makeshift bed 191 times!

living room with carpet flooring, white sofa with cushions and fire place

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It’s a digital diva

This is a big one, as you'd expect. People spend an average of 6,509 hours watching TV or films on their sofa over its 11-year lifetime, and 1,430 hours playing computer games.

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It’s a know-it-all

If walls (or in this case sofas) could talk... Having borne witness to 2,631 phone calls, 1,236 arguments and 2,299 hours of phone conversations, it's a good thing they're good at keeping secrets!

living room with sofa set, carpet flooring and fire place

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It’s a hopeless romantic

Your sofa is pretty much part of your relationship, joining in with 1,842 hours of cuddling, 1,007 date nights and 2,105 kisses. What a cutie.

It’s a mucky pup

Your poor sofa, through no fault of its own, will endure 2,728 spillages from your TV dinners, movie snacks and coffee catch ups.


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