New LSA self-watering planter ensures keeping houseplants alive is effortless

Filling our homes with plants has never sounded so appealing

Houseplants are one of the biggest accessories for our homes in 2019, as we strive to create greener spaces indoors. The new LSA International Canopy collection is just the thing to bring the outdoors in, with oodles of style and very little effort.

From a terrarium-style closed garden to a smart self-watering planter this collection takes the effort out for keeping houseplants.

Designed in collaboration with the Eden Project the new pieces are made exclusively from recycled glass.

To summarise the new Canopy collection  is Eco-friendly, fashionable and effortless.

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New LSA International Canopy collection

room with plants

(Image credit: LSA International)

The new Canopy collection of planters, vases and tableware designs are inspired by the ethos of living as one community – under the same canopy. See what they did there? The different vase designs echo the structures found at the Eden Project.

The Eden Project is breathtaking tourist attraction in Cornwall, UK. Vistors will find a thriving community of plants and wildlife nestled under huge honeycomb-style structures.

New self-watering planter

room with basil plant

(Image credit: LSA International)

I'm sure if I asked now 'who's ever killed a houseplant?', we'd all raise our hands in joint shame. Keeping houseplants is a win win. They look stylish while helping to improve air quality. But can prove troublesome to keep alive.

More often than not, we're killing our plants with kindness. Rather than not watering, we're overwatering. That's where the new cool LSA Self-watering Planter comes in to save the day, one plant at a time.

The clever design has a water level beneath the planted vessel. The removable, separate section contains a trailing cord that 'drinks' water. Meaning the plant gets just the right amount of nurture it needs – all you have to do is keep the water fresh and topped up.

Buy now: Canopy Self Watering Planter, £36, LSA International

New closed garden

plant with sphere shape bowl

(Image credit: LSA International)

The new Closed Garden planter is the most instantly recognisable as being inspired by the Eden Project. The dome like shape is reminiscent of the Eden Project Biomes.

The massive Biomes house the largest rainforest in captivity, stunning plants, an educational charity, exhibitions and stories serve as a backdrop to striking contemporary gardens, summer concerts and all-year-round family events.

Buy now: Canopy Closed Garden, £40, LSA International

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The new eco-conscious collection has already scooped a prestigious iF Design Award 2019.


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