Lynsey Queen of Clean swears by this quirky microwave cleaning tool – and it’s £8 at Amazon

The Queen of Clean on why you need an Angry Mama in your life

Lynsey Crombie, also known as the Queen of Clean, recently revealed a quirky product she uses to clean her microwave. From heating up chicken soup for a quick WFH lunch to defrosting batch-cooked dinners, a microwave is a kitchen convenience we wouldn't be without.

We thought we knew how to clean a microwave well enough, however on a recent episode of This Morning on ITV, Lynsey recommended a microwave cleaning tool that will do the hard work for us. The Angra Mama.

angry mama microwave steam cleaner with red hair and blue body

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Lynsey Crombie microwave cleaning tool

Speaking on This Morning, Lynsey explains to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that steam comes out of the Angry Mama's head. This softens microwave dirt and stains to make it easier to clean with a cloth afterward.

You just remove the head, add water and vinegar, then microwave for about 7 minutes.

Angry Mama Microwave Steam Cleaner, £7.99 at Amazon

Angry Mama Microwave Steam Cleaner, £7.99 at Amazon

Disinfect and deodorise your microwave with the Angry Mama steam cleaner. Angry Mama is 5.3 inches tall and will easily clean the inside of your machine in minutes with just water and vinegar. Available in a range of colour combinations.

There are lines for measuring how much water and vinegar to put in. You can also add a squeeze of lemon juice or essential oil to get rid of any lingering odours.

If you're wondering what the Angry Mama has over an ordinary bowl when using the microwave steam cleaning hack, it's her arms. Angry Mama's arms are designed to stay cool so you can remove her from the microwave safely.  After burning our fingers one to many times taking bowls and plates out a microwave this is a huge plus in our books. She's also made of BPA-free plastic.

kitchen room with white coloured microwave

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Anything that takes the hard work out of cleaning our homes is a winner in our book.  Even the best microwave money can buy needs regular care and attention and an Angry Mama makes little-and-often cleaning much more enjoyable.

Pick up some colourful microfibre cloths, available at Amazon to wipe down the inside of your microwave after the steam has got to work on any splattered food.

Angry Mama definitely makes a fun gift for cleaning lovers. Will you be picking one up?

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