Lynsey Queen of Clean reveals the £3 first-aid kit essential that works wonders on mattress stains

Time to give your mattress some extra attention
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  • Spring has officially sprung, so we’re feeling that bit more motivated for a deep clean. Lynsey Crombie, the Queen of Clean, appeared on ITV’s This Morning this week and recommended hydrogen peroxide for cleaning your best mattress.

    Lynsey explains why this is a great option for banishing any mattress stains.

    Lynsey Crombie mattress stain removal tip

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    ‘Things like mattresses, we don’t often clean – let’s be honest,’ says Lynsey. ‘We flip them, we might give them a vacuum once or twice a year, but mattresses are full of dust mites, dead skin, sweat – you name it, your mattress is full of it.’

    She says that one of the best cleaning products out there for tackling mattress stains is the mild anticeptic hydrogen peroxide. ‘You often get it in the chemist for cuts and grazes,’ Lynsey says.

    ‘It’s actually a natural bleach. So this is really good for those stains on your mattress,’ she explains.

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    We’ve seen people using hydrogen peroxide on their mattresses over on TikTok, too. One cleaning fan mixes hydrogen peroxide, natural, clear washing up liquid, water and essential oils in a spray bottle for removing coffee stains.

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    ‘Sometimes your pet might come on your bed and might have a little accident and it’ll seep through,’ Lynsey adds. But hydrogen peroxide is a good natural option.

    Philip Schofield asked if it might take the colour out of your mattress, but Lynsey told him that it won’t. She adds that it’s good for whites and that you can use it on your white shirts too.

    For a super hygienic bed, read other tips and tricks on how to clean a mattress to keep yours in good condition for many years to come. Will you be trying this mattress stain removal tip?

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