7 ways to make your house feel like home

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  • From smart storage solutions to simple lighting ideas, discover 7 budget-friendly ways to make your space feel like home

    Whether you’re moving into halls, renting your first place or kitting out a new bedroom, it can be tricky to make a sparse room feel like home – especially if you’re not able to whip out a paint brush or put holes in the walls! With that in mind, here are seven quick, easy, non-permanent and budget-friendly ways to make a new space feel a little more like home.

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    1. Choose a comforting palette

    make your space feel like home

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    No matter what colour the walls, opting for furniture and soft furnishings in a soft palette of biscuit, stone and grey will instantly make the room feel relaxed and homely. Add extra blankets and cushions for a bonus touch (and a cup of tea for good measure!)

    2. Opt for organic style with raw materials

    make your space feel like home

    Not sure how to warm up an industrial scheme? Add character to a stark or lofty room by choosing furniture and fabrics inspired by organic or raw materials, such as rattan and wood, to help add a natural touch.

    3. Add layers and texture

    make your space feel like home

    Image credit: David Brittain

    Even a barren space can feel like a cosy cabin with layers of soft textures. Crisp white bedlinen, chunky knits and basket weaves are all it takes to transform a bare room to a snuggly hideaway.

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    4. Display your favourite artworks

    make your space feel like home

    Image credit: Tim Young

    Putting up photos of loved ones, cute symbols or favourite sayings immediately adds personality to any room. Can’t drill into the wall? Place large-scale prints or posters in a monochrome frame and lean them against a wall, and peg photos or postcards from a piece of string then hang them over a mirror, headboard or curtain rail.

    5. Bring the outdoors in

    make your space feel like home

    Image credit: Polly Eltes

    For a fast-track to a more homely space, pop natural foliage on windowsills, shelves or ledges. Mix and match different vases for a thrown-together feel, or opt for simple jam jars for a budget-friendly fix.

    6. Create a cosy glow with lighting

    make your space feel like home

    Image credit: Paul Reaside

    Want to make your room feel warm and cosy? Steer clear of blue-tinted or bright white lights, and opt for hues that add a soft glow instead. Make your lighting work harder by adding an origami pendant shade to an existing bulb, arranging tealights and candles, or hanging fairy lights for instant effect.

    7. Be smart with storage

    make your space feel like home

    Image credit: Mark Scott

    Cupboard space a bit lacking? Keep your new room spic and span with DIY storage solutions – stylish baskets, copper bins and an industrial-style unit are a great alternative to a simple chest of drawers. What’s more, they’re easy to update when you want to switch up your scheme and, best of all, don’t need to be secured to a wall.

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