Meghan Markle’s former LA Home is for sale and it’s stunning!

The property is on the market for an asking price of $1.8 million
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  • We’ve all been itching to see what spin Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will put on there new family home Frogmore Cottage in Windsor. Rumours and whispers about expensive bathtubs being installed and what  colour they would paint baby Archie’s nursery have been running wild. So when the Meghan Markles former Los Angeles Home appeared on the market, we jumped at the chance to get a little insight into the Duchess of Sussex’s interior tastes.

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    Why don’t we take a peak around the royals former home?

    Meghan Markle house

    Meghan Markle house 8

    Image credit: Doug Peters/Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment


    Meghan Markle house 1

    Image credit: & MLS

    This property might not be on the scale of Meghan Markle’s new home, but this charming, colonial-style house seems positively palatial to us. The Art Deco style security bars over the windows are gorgeous, if our home insurance provider insisted we install these in our home we definitely would not complain.


    Meghan Markle house 2

    Image credit: MLS

    This cosy kitchen makes use of every inch of space, squeezing in two stoves and a stunning American-style fridge freezer. The angular handles on the cabinets beautifully compliment those Art Deco bars over the window.  The marble countertops and backsplash and gold accents create a luxe kitchen that oozes charm.

    Living Room

    Meghan Markle house 4

    Image credit: and MLS

    The open plan living space allows light to flow through the whole house. As soon as you walk in your eye is caught by the natural hardwood flooring that runs throughout the whole ground floor. We can’t imagine that Meghan Markle would have had much use for that original fireplace in somewhere as toasty as California, but it is a lovely centre-piece. Open spaces like this can be quite hard to make feel cosy, but the large rug helps to mark out the living room area, creating a perfect space for entertaining.


    Meghan Markle house 5

    Image credit: and MLS

    This bedroom is proof that a room doesn’t need to be huge to be fit for a (soon-to-be) princess. Having a room with so many windows can make it a little tricky when working out where to put the bed, this problem has been solved by sliding a double bed between two of them so that they become his and hers windows. The same wall colour and wooden floors from the ground floor have been used in this room, however the accessories in the room give it plenty of depth and texture.


    Meghan Markle house 6

    Image credit: and MLS

    We can’t tell whether we love it or hate this bathroom, but it definitely has that wow-factor. The clashing monochrome tiles are a risk but somehow manages to look elegant when paired with the simple black sink units and gold rimmed mirrors.

    However, we must admit we never pegged Meghan Markle for having to cope with a shower-bath like the rest of us, but if we have definitely be inspired by this version with the full glass shower screen.

    The house is on the market for an asking price of $1.8 million with

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    Would you have swapped this LA home for Windsor?

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