The one kitchen appliance worth spending money on according to Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux Jr

It could be the key to perfecting that sourdough bread recipe
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  • If you’ve rediscovered a love of cooking in the last six months or been inspired by Bake Off you might be wondering what equipment you really need to spend money on in the kitchen. So we put the question to two star Michelin starred chef Michel Roux Jr.

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    Michel Roux Jr kitchen essential might surprise you. You can step away from the Kitchen Aid webpage and stop fretting over saucepans. According to Michel Roux Jr., any serious cook should invest money in a set of scales.

    Michel Roux Jr kitchen essential

    ‘Spend money on a good set of scales,’ says Michel speaking on behalf of Homebase. ‘If you are serious about cooking you need a good set of scales.’


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    You can get a set of scales for as little as £6, however, if you hope to perfect your pastry skills it is worth spending a little more. When investing in kitchen scales Michel Roux Jr. advice is to look for precision and good design.

    The Michelin star chef recommends investing in Taylor scales. They are the scales Michel uses at his London restaurant Le Gavroche and in his own kitchen. ‘They are American. I should be flying the flag for British scales, but they are very good,’ he explains.


    ‘They’re precise, but it’s got to look good. I firmly believe, that in life things need to look good. Pleasing to the eye and clever design. They feel sturdy and feel strong.’

    Taylor has recently launched a new set of digital scales, available for £20 on Amazon. The set is slim, stylish and easy to store. They feature the same precision that has won Michel Roux Jr as a fan. And you can reset the scales with just the wave of your hand.

    Buy now: Taylor Pro Digital Kitchen Food Scale, £20, Amazon

    Michel roux kitchen essential 2

    Image credit: Homebase

    This is a truly special investment for your kitchen and comes with a 20-year guarantee. So will hopefully help guide you through many recipes for the years to come.

    If you are looking for a more serious update to your kitchen than a new set of scales, you can get the Michelin chef-worthy kitchen of your dreams at Homebase. Yes, you heard us right, at Homebase.

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    Homebase has launched an exclusive range of Roux Kitchens, currently only available at the Guildford concept store. However, the bespoke range will be expanded to nine other stores.

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