Interiors expert Michelle Ogundehin shares the Instagram decor rule we should be breaking

Sometimes the best finishing touch is a personal touch
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  • When we spoke to interiors expert Michelle Ogundehin on tips for decorating on a budget this spring, one of her suggestions was to put up family photos. While we love a wall of family pictures, we’re struck by how rarely we actually see them.

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    Our curated Instagram feeds seem notably absent of those traditional family snaps, which got the Ideal Home office talking about the unwritten Instagram decor rule. Do you hide away family photos away or display them proudly?

    living room with sofa and family photos

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    ‘I always think family pictures are really poignant,’ Michelle says, ‘and any artwork you’ve done. It’s just about honouring yourself.’ 

    ‘Spending money on framing pictures is always a brilliant idea, even an inexpensive poster, framed, is suddenly elevated,’ she adds. A shelf of frames you can swap out is a lovely home office idea to remind us of places and people we love during those mid-afternoon dips. 

    But why the absence of family photos on our social media? Ideal Home Editor Heather Young says, ‘A friend once commented that I didn’t have any family photos on display in my house, and it did make me question why!’

    Heather's gallery wall

    Image credit: Heather Young

    ‘I have a few of my favourites up around the house,’ Heather adds, ‘but I have to admit I do prefer art prints for my main gallery wall. Instead, I’ve created a gallery of family pics on the wall in our downstairs loo (I wanted to do it on the landing upstairs but there wasn’t enough space!)’

    Ideal Home Decorating Editor Nicky Phillips believes family photos are a must in any home. ‘A home isn’t a home without pics of the family around,’ she says.

    family photos, vase of flowers

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    ‘I love walking past framed pictures of my kids in the hallway and looking at clusters of mismatched framed filled with memories on my dressing table,’ Nicky adds.
    It seems there is a consensus among the Ideal Home team and Michelle Ogundehin, when it comes to decorating your home, crack out the family pics and personal mementos. Forget what is happening on Instagram and fill your walls with personality.

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    Our homes should tell our story, and when speaking with Michelle Ogundehin as part of her work with, she told us that decorating your home is about accepting your story, too. Very’s research showed a over quarter of us feel the need to transform our homes once the pandemic is over.

    Time to get photos printed and spend an afternoon framing – lockdown pics and all.

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