It's bijou darling: Mini unveils three 'getaway cars' that each turn into a (tiny) home from home

Dreaming of life on the open road? Head for the sunset in one of these teeny-tiny homes on wheels (warning, you'll need to travel light)

If an estate agent was showing you around this tiny home on wheels we imagine they'd describe it as 'a compact property with all amenities close to hand and exceptional views'.

But this Mini Clubvan is the brainchild of those clever peeps at Mini who have developed three concept 'getaway cars' (get it?) for 'enthusiastic travellers'. Anyone over 6ft tall need not apply.

mini camping car and man on beach

(Image credit: BMW)

First up is the Mini Clubvan Camper. It's billed as 'the world's smallest luxury camper van' and we won't argue with that. If you don't mind sleeping with your head very close to your camping stove it does manage to pack a lot into a very small car.


For the romantics amongst you it also has a glass skylight for night-time star gazing. But this is strictly one for solo travellers - trying to squash more than one person into that sleeping space would be a bit of a challenge.

man doing backflip into ocean and car

(Image credit: BMW)

Well, we wouldn't park our Mini Clubvan quite this close to a sheer drop, but we imagine it's pretty handy for free-spirited surfer types who like to backflip from bed to ocean in one easy move. Don't we all?

mini camping expedition getaway car concepts

(Image credit: BMW)

When we heard there was also a shower built into the Clubvan, we were sceptical. But... those clever types at Mini have ticked the facilities box by installing an alfresco hand-held shower. Sneaky. And perfect for exhibitionists who don't mind bathing in front of an audience. On a piece of AstroTurf.

mini camping expedition getaway car concepts

(Image credit: BMW)

Want to take a friend on your travels and not averse to trailing your belongings behind you? Step forward the Mini Cowley, a tiny caravan for two that comes complete with a twin-ring gas stove, fridge and sink. Yes really.

We think you'd have to be pretty good friends to manage more than a couple of nights in this uber-compact space, though. As beautifully styled as it is.

camping safari with black car

(Image credit: BMW)

Are the brakes on? Our favourite of the three is this Mini Countryman ALL4 Camp, which has an ingenious (and vertiginous) roof-top tent designed for 'an adventurous couple'.

Well you'd have to be pretty adventurous to spend all night balanced on top of a very small car. Especially if you use it as a safari vehicle - we don't think it would stand up to inspection by a hungry lion. But it would come in very handy at a British festival or campsite.

Have we whet your appetite for the open road? Unfortunately these three are all concept vehicles at this stage. But take a look at our caravan and campervan gallery for summer holiday inspiration.

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