Why we should all thinking about switching broadband deal this week

Act fast, and cut your monthly bill by 40 per cent
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  • If you are looking to save money on your broadband, now is the perfect time to think about switching broadband.

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    MoneySuperMarket has revealed that households could save 40 per cent by switching to a new deal. However, you’ll have to act quickly to take advantage of some of the best deals on offer. The market-leading deals from Virgin Media and Shell Energy are due to end on 27th April.

    Switching broadband

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    The M50 fibre broadband and phone deal from Virgin Media is available for £23.95 a month, with £100 bill credit and free set up until the beginning of next week. Shell Energy is offering a similar deal with Superfast fibre plus for £29.99 a month.

    ‘Now is a great time to switch supplier, with our research showing that you can save 40 per cent when you’re out of contract,’ explains Emma Spencer, broadband expert at MoneySuperMarket.

    If concern over needing an engineer is keeping you from switching, MoneySuperMarket has revealed that 80 per cent of homes will not need a visit.

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    ‘The good news is that the majority of switches between broadband providers in the UK are unaffected by the coronavirus,’ explains Emma.. ‘Although around 20 per cent of homes aren’t able to switch as they’ll need an engineer visit.

    ‘This is because in most cases the process of switching is simple and doesn’t require an in-house visit from an engineer – at the most, your service will be down for a few minutes,’ she adds.

    If you are in the 20 per cent who require an engineer visit to switch broadband, you might have to wait longer for an appointment. However, there are plenty of other ways you can boost your internet.

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    Invest in a dongle

    Consider investing in a deal with a provider that offers a dongle. A dongle is a little modem that can connect to wireless or mobile broadband. They are a perfect solution for households in need of extra broadband capacity.

    ‘Dongles have seen a fourfold surge in popularity on our site recently,’ explains Emma. ‘And deals can be as cheap as £11 a month and can be a good way of staying connected until you can get an engineer to visit.’

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    Use your mobile phone hotspot

    ‘Another option could be using your mobile phone’s hotspot facility to connect other devices in your home to the internet,’ adds Emma. ‘A host of providers have agreed to remove data caps in a bid to help everyone ‘stay connected’ at this time. But make sure you check with your provider to make sure you avoid unwanted charges.’

    If you can’t afford to switch to a fibre or a dongle at the moment, why not check our failsafe tips to give your internet a boost for free.

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    But, remember it is always worth shopping around for a better broadband deal, even during the lockdown.

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