More Brits would rather live by an Aldi than a good school – but do you agree?

New research reveals the amenities Brits most want on our doorsteps – and some are quite surprising!

The results are in and budget supermarkets are winning over schools! A new survey reveals the most desirable local amenities, along with the things we research the most before moving to a new area.

When it comes to moving house it's all about ‘location, location, location’. But what exactly makes one location more desirable than another? A new study by regulated property buyer Good Move reveals the amenities Brits most want in their local area – and some might surprise you.

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Traditionally, living in a good catchment area for schools was a priority, but the new research reveals budget supermarkets are now a bigger draw.

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'Everyone has their own priorities when moving house, but it’s interesting to see how the overall patterns are changing,' says Ross Counsell, Director at Good Move.

'Budget supermarkets are definitely growing in popularity, especially among the younger generations. Their presence in a region is now making a place more desirable to live.'

Top 10 most desirable amenities to live nearby

1. Scenic views 44 per cent
2. Budget supermarkets, such as Aldi, Lidl and Iceland 39 per cent
3. Local restaurants/bars 37 per cent
4.  Traditional pubs 36 per cent
5. Independent shops 34 per cent
6. Walking trails 33 per cent
7. High-end supermarkets, such as Waitrose and M&S 32 per cent
8. School catchment area 29 per cent
9. Coffee shops 28 per cent
10. Local library 25 per cent

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Despite the desirability of budget supermarkets, when asked specifically about which supermarket they’d most like on their doorstep more than a fifth named Tesco as the winning store. Followed by Asda with 17 per cent and Aldi 14 per cent.

Women were more concerned than men about education choices, with 31 per cent and 25 percent respectively considering the quality of local schools.

This desire for living close to a budget supermarket, unsurprisingly, is more popular amongst the younger generations. The survey revealed more than half (54 per cent) of 18-24s say it's a priority - the figure steadily declines among older generations, with just 34 per cent of over 45s sharing the same view.

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The study also revealed the amenities that first spring to mind when planning a move.

Top five things we research first when moving house

1.  Public transport links  21 per cent
2. Schools 20 per cent
3. Crime rates 17 per cent
4.  Amenities 17 per cent
5. Broadband speeds 11 per cent

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Are there things you look for that are missing from the list? We'd love to know.

The data is based on a survey of 1,001 UK adults conducted by The Leadership Factor in January 2019.


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