How to clean Venetian blinds – so they look ship-shape

Don't resign yourself to grubby Venetian blinds - here's the kit and know-how you need to banish dirt and grime

Sponge, cloth or duster? Do remove or not to remove? There are a few things to consider before you tackle this fiddly - but necessary - job. We've created an easy-to-follow guide for anyone wondering how to clean Venetian blinds.

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1. Work out what you're dealing with first

It's really important that you check with the manufacturer of your blinds before you start to tackle any cleaning job, as you could easily damage them if you clean them using the wrong method. If in doubt, do a spot test on a relatively hidden section of the blind first.

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2. Deep clean your metal, plastic and synthetic blinds

Blinds made from aluminium, PVC or a synthetic material can be given a clean with a mild detergent, either in the bath or outdoors. Be sure to place a mat or towel underneath the blind to protect it from getting scratches, and never immerse the headrail in water, as this may damage the internal parts.

3. Go for a delicate approach on wooden slats

You should never use water or a standard cleaning solution on real timber designs, as they can damage the surface and cause the wood to warp. Instead, carefully wipe down each individual slat with a duster. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the slats if you prefer, provided it has a low suction mode and features an upholstery attachment.

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4. Don't forget about those little extra parts

Dusting the blind slats is all well and good, but you're only doing half the job if you're neglecting the headrail, tapes and cords. Using a clean and dry dusting cloth, brush away the dirt, dust and cobwebs from any exposed surfaces and use a cotton bud to clean the hard-to-reach places that a simple wipe won't get into.

5.  Make a habit of cleaning as you go along

Avoid the hassle of deep cleaning your blinds by giving them a quick once over with either a feather duster, an anti-static duster or even a special slatted blind cleaner once a week. Alternatively, pop an old sock on your hand and gently run it through the gaps of each blind for a nifty and thrifty clean, and to keep on top of the daily dust before it builds up.

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The essential kit

Arm yourself with the perfect tools for the job

1. Speed clean

Whisk the Ostrich feather duster, £9.99, Clas Ohlson (opens in new tab), across your Venetians once a week.

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2. Super stack

Tackle two slats at a time with the handy Leifheit Venetian blind cleaner, £8, John Lewis (opens in new tab)

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3. Perfect scents

The Method Johanne Basford multi-surface cleaner, £3.50, Tesco (opens in new tab), works wonders on aluminium and PVC.

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How will you clean your Venetian blinds?