The nation’s most hated household chores revealed

And hacks to make quick work of them
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  • Chores, cleaning, hinching, whatever you call it, there’s no escaping it. While some people love it, other’s hate it. But whatever you feel about it, there is always one chore that you’ll catch yourself putting off until it can’t wait any longer.

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    A new survey has revealed the most hated household chores in the UK and it isn’t what you’d expect.

    The most hated household chores in the UK

    A survey by Tombola, revealed that cleaning the oven is the most hated chore in Britain. While a third of people surveyed said that cleaning the oven was there least favourite chore, the survey also revealed that is was the least time-consuming chore. Could this be proof that we’re all putting it off?

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    Keeping your oven clean, while not glamourous is crucially important to avoid an oven fire. The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics found that cooking appliances were the cause of 1 in 5 blazes in the home last year.

    If cleaning the oven tops your list as your most hated chore, make quick work of it with this easy oven cleaning hack. Simply mix white wine vinegar and baking soda into a paste. Spread it over the inside of the oven and glass door, leave overnight and wipe clean.

    Cleaning the oven was followed by ironing as the second most hated chore, while washing and drying dishes came in third. Unsurprising, as the 160,000 people surveyed revealed that they were the most time-consuming chores.

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    23 per cent of those surveyed voted for laundry as the most time-consuming chore. Washing and drying dishes came in second with 19 per cent considering them the most time-consuming, while ironing came in third with 12 per cent voting for it.

    If you feel you are stuck in a cycle of washing dishes and ironing shirts, here are a few tips to get the chores over and done with as quickly as possible.

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    When it comes to washing the dishes, work from the cleanest dishes to the dirtiest. Start with the glasses, before embarking on the cutlery, plates, pots and pans. This should help your dishwater go further.

    To cut down on ironing time, spread tin foil over the ironing board under the cover. The foil will reflect the heat onto the underside garment, cutting ironing time in half.

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    What is your most hated household chores?

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