Obsessed with rose gold? This iron will add a touch of glamour to the household chores

You'll be desperate to do the chores

Rose Gold Steam surge proRose Gold Handi steam maxRose gold 29.6 V airgility max

If you are a fan of all things rose gold, then you are going to fall head over heals for the new Beldray rose gold collection that includes a rose gold iron and cordless vacuum cleaner!

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Mrs Hinch might have encouraged us to make peace with the household chores. However, the new rose gold iron and cordless vacuum cleaner from Beldray has us itching to do them. Even if it's just to show them off.

However, you won't be sacrificing performance for style with this new collection. Beldray has brought out some of its most innovative irons and cordless cleaners in the stunning new colour scheme.

rose gold iron

(Image credit: Bedray)

As if the sleek black and pink metallic accents weren't enough to make you swoon. Looks and power, that's what we like in our household appliances.

Here are some of the highlights from the new rose gold collection.

Rose Gold Steam surge pro

rose Gold Steam surge pro

(Image credit: Beldray)

Coming soon: Rose gold Steam surge pro, £59.99, Amazon

This rose gold iron is due to be launched later this week. The steam surge pro promises 2400 W of power to give you a smooth glide and super-fast heat up time. Costing £59.99, the rose gold version of the steam surge pro costs a little more than some of the other colour ways, but just look how pretty it is.

Rose Gold Handi steam max

rose gold hand steam max

(Image credit: Beldray)

Buy now: Rose gold Hand steam max, £29.99, Amazon

If you don't have the space for an iron, or even if you do but regularly find yourself needing to give your outfit a quick once over  in the morning the Handi steam max is a great solution.

Costing just £29.99, it can be used to steam clothes and soft furnishings, leaving them clean and crease-free. The clothes steamer  is lightweight and has a usage time of 15 minutes after just 30 seconds charge.

We'll be leaving the rose gold version next to our wardobe, easy to hand and to admire.

Rose gold 29.6 V airgility max

rose gold 29.6 airgility max

(Image credit: Beldray)

Coming soon: Rose gold 29.6 airgility max, £129.99, Amazon

The rose gold airgility max is due to launch later this year. But don't worry we'll keep you updated on when you can scoop it up for yourself.

While it isn't the only rose gold cordless vacuum on the market,it is one of the cheapest. Costing just £129.99, the vacuum cleaner has a running time of 50 minutes and a large, bagless dust container with a 1.2 litre capacity.

Super lightwieght, this cordless vaccum promises to make the housework easier, faster and much chicer.

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Will you be sprinkling a little rose gold magic over your household chores?

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