This £2.49 Mrs Hinch hack could transform your Christmas present wrapping forever

This helpful organiser could be the key to making sure that your Christmas pressies looking amazing

Our favourite homeware and cleaning superstar Sophie Hinchcliff has just let us in on the ultimate Mrs Hinch Christmas present wrapping hack. It revolves around a special organiser that you can pick up at Aldi, and for a cheap price too!

Whether its months in advance or on the night of December 24, wrapping Christmas presents can be a bit of a faff.

When we try and make our gifts pretty, we use lots of decorations - from gift tags, bows, all different kinds of string, glitter and a whole host of other things. But we always find ourselves in a bit of a mess not long after we start wrapping; glitter is covering your room, you have a pink bow stuck to your face, the cat is playing with the string. It can be a nightmare sometimes.

Mrs Hinch Christmas present wrapping hack

Blue plastic organiser box

(Image credit: @MRSHINCHHOME, @ALDIUK, Instagram)

But, once again, Mrs Hinch has come to our rescue, with the help of a little organising box from Aldi. Shared on her Instagram stories, Mrs Hinch let us in on her Christmas gift wrapping secret – a £2.49 blue organiser box from Aldi.

‘This pastel blue organiser box, for my Christmas wrapping pieces!' she wrote on her Instagram story. ‘Like gift tags, string, acorns, glitters etc! I can't wait to fill it up!'

This box, which comes in pink and blue, could make a great little helper. Not for Santa, but for you. By having everything to need in one box, you can be more creative with your wrapping, and save a lot of time opening different drawers and packets to find what you need.

And if you need more compartments, Aldi is releasing a series of compartment cases that can hold as much Christmas present decorating gear as you want!

Pink/Teal Hobby Storage Case: currently £2.49, Aldi

Pink/Teal Hobby Storage Case: currently £2.49, Aldi
With a hinged lid, multiple compartments and stackable design, this is a crafting Queen's dream! This compartment cases are coming to Aldi's online shop soon, but the pink version is currently available in stores.

Teal/Pink 10 Compartment Case 2 Pack: currently £2.49, Aldi

Teal/Pink 10 Compartment Case 2 Pack: currently £2.49, Aldi
This comes in both in pink and teal and has many of the same functions as the Hobby Storage Case. But it has more of the smaller compartment slots, which is perfect for if you have a lot of small items, like beads, tags and string. This item isn't on sale yet but is coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Pink/Teal 12 Compartment Case 2 Pack: currently £2.49, Aldi

Pink/Teal 12 Compartment Case 2 Pack: currently £2.49, Aldi
Again, this comes in pink and teal. However, its also not available just yet, but is coming soon to Aldi's online store. With 24 compartment slots to use, even the biggest decorator of Christmas pressies will struggle to completely fill these storage boxes.

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We know you will be itching to get your hands on these, but always remember to shop safe.