Mum creates magical Harry Potter themed bedroom – complete with floating candles

It's the most creative one we've seen yet... it looks like the actual film set!
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  • This Harry Potter themed bedroom is award-winning! Sophia Daly, a mum of two children from Nottingham, pulled out all the stops to transform her seven-year-old daughter Alana’s bedroom into a spellbinding room of dreams based on the beloved books and movies.

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    Working her magic she’s carefully upcycled existing furniture, painted the room to look enchanted and sourced second-hand accessories to add the perfect finishing touches.

    Makeover: Harry Potter themed bedroom

    Harry Potter themed bedroom

    Image credit: Sophia Daly

    ‘I did go on Pinterest and Facebook groups for inspiration but didn’t really like anything I saw,’ Sophia explains to Latest Deals. ‘So we sat and had a movie marathon of the films and I picked out subtle things that were referenced in the films, but not too in your face.’ Method style to ensure she got every detail correct – you have to admire the dedication.

    ‘I asked my daughter what kind of Harry Potter room she wanted, and she mentioned Gryffindor. So from there, I wanted to make it feel like Hogwarts and a Gryffindor dorm room.’

    Let these incredibly creative ideas inspire you…

    1.Brick wallpaper to recreate platform 9 & 3/4

    harry Potter bedroom

    Image credit: Sophia Daly

    ‘I knew I wanted a brick wall, a platform 9 3/4 and a library wall’ she explains. ‘The brick wall I found at Next and was £12 a roll – I only used two.’  We also love the invisibility cloak wall hooks mounted here. And the attention to detail, with the message written on the mirror – just like the chamber of secrets!

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    2. Wallpapered blinds and school tie curtain tiebacks

    Harry potter blinds

    Image credit: Sophia Daly

    Sophia explains, ‘I revamped her blinds by glueing wallpaper to them with bookbinding glue. I did the same for the wardrobe doors.’ A job well done, but we love the detail here also, the school tie tiebacks is a touch of genius.

    3. Decorated ceilings

    Harry Potter keys on the ceiling

    Image credit: Sophia Daly

    The ceiling is brought to life by Sophia’s imaginative vision of floating kets and candles. ‘I glued wings onto the keys, put fishing wire on and hung to the ceiling with command hooks.’ And did the same with the floating candles.’

    wallpapered ceiling

    Image credit: Sophia Daly

    Sophia was keen to create an enchanted ceiling, beyond the floating accessories. Having rewatched the film she noted the ceilings featured clouds and stars. Inspired she explains, ‘I started painting black and stippled blue with a dry stiff brush. I got a YouTube video tutorial on how to do clouds easily. It said to stipple grey and white together for the fluffy cloud effect.’

    ‘I had some spray paint left from an old project but it was grey. So I thought I’d just test a small area, and it softened all the edges and made an almost fog-like appearance. I loved it. For the stars I watered down with white paint and simply flicked the brush to give the illusion of stars.’

    4. Upcycled furniture

    Image credit: Sophia Daly

    ‘My daughter’s furniture was all white from IKEA. I knew I wanted dark furniture but couldn’t find what I wanted or anything that I could afford’ Says Sophia. ‘So I bought Frenchic paint in Smudge and painted her furniture as even if it went wrong, it would be okay as I had nothing to lose.’

    ‘It worked a dream. I bought one tin and it did every piece of furniture, as well as the skirting, windowsills and door.’

    5. Bookcase wallpaper reading nook

    bookshelf wallpaper

    Image credit: Sophia Daly

    ‘The bookcase wallpaper is from Wilko. The books have all the colours of the houses on and it was a bargain at £10. I managed to do that wall with only one roll.’ The library-style wallpaper creates the perfect backdrop for a creative reading corner.

    Buy now: Fresco Bookcases Multicoloured wallpaper, £10, Wilko

    6. Azkaban toy storage

    Azkaban toy storage

    Image credit: Sophia Daly

    ‘My daughter has a million teddies as well that I knew needed to be kept somewhere. I’d seen teddy zoos and thought I’d love it if I could have an Azkaban prison’ she explains. ‘I found a wonderful small business that’s not too far from me. She made it for me and it’s wonderful.’

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    This makeover is truly magical, well done Sophia we’re inspired.

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