Expert reveals why should never use this common cleaning product to clean whites

Keep your bedding whiter for longer with this handy tip

You can't go wrong with white bedding, it is the perfect canvas for dressing a bed and can give any bedroom an instant upgrade. But if you want to keep your bedding looking white for longer stay away from any bleach cleaning hack, warns a bedding expert.

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It might make sense to treat your whites with a bleach-based laundry product. Even Mrs Hinch recommends using laundry bleach to get her beloved white Minky cleaning cloth looking like new again.

However, Farah Arshad, buyer at bedding brand Dusk warns that bleach can actually cause sheets to yellow over time.

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'Bleach might be a great short term solution, but believe it or not, over time bleach is likely to cause more harm than good,' Farah explains.

'In fact, bleach can cause white bedsheets to yellow instead of reviving them and making them brighter. It can also make bed linen feel crispy and lose its softness.'

I think we speak on behalf of everyone when we say nobody wants this. Especially if you've shelled out on a set of expensive white bedding. They are an investment you want to last.

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Instead of bleach-based products, Farah suggests using an 'oxi' type product. 'There are many 'oxi' type products on the market, which are specialised stain removers. Adding a scoop of this into your wash can make white sheets sparkle in just one wash.'

'We'd also recommend using products like this with brand new sheets, in every wash, to stave off the dullness,' she adds.

Her other top tips for keep whites white is to treat stains straight away.

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'Small stains are almost unavoidable, especially if you love breakfast or even a coffee in bed in the morning. However, the longer those coffee stains sit, the harder they will become to remove,' explains Farah.

'If you can't wash your bedding straight away, using a sponge and a small amount of detergent to gently dab the stain until most of it has lifted.'

'There are some really great spot-on stain treatments available from big brands and supermarket own brands that can help. Just ensure they're designed for white bedding and don't contain any bleach.'

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There you have it if you want your white bedding to stay looking like new, step away from the bleach.

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