Mrs Hinch favourite Zoflora has launched a new cleaning product – and it’s a game changer

We can't wait to add this to our cleaning caddy
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  • Zoflora sprung to cult cleaning status after winning a spot in cleanfluencer Mrs Hinch’s cleaning caddy. Now the iconic brand has launched an exciting new product.

    While the original disinfecting product is a dream to use thanks to its incredible range of scents, having to dilute the concentrated product every time has sometimes posed a fiddly block to a quick cleaning session on your cleaning calendar. Until now that is.

    The brand has branched out from its range of concentrated multipurpose disinfectants to launch a ready to use Zoflora disinfectant mist. The new product is a first for the brand and means you don’t need to worry about tracking down a squirty bottle to bulk prep a batch of the stuff.

    Zoflora disinfectant spray

    Image credit: Zoflora

    While it might look like an air freshener, please don’t start wafting this around in the air – that’s a task for one of these best air fresheners. The new mist gets to the root of the problem on surfaces by promising all the cleaning might of the original formula. The mist is anti-bacterial meaning it doesn’t just mask odours but eliminates them making it a godsend when tackling a smelly bin.

    It is also anti-viral and been proven to kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria and viruses around the home. It has even been tested on the COVID-19 virus.

    One of the biggest perks of the new mist is that it can be used on hard and soft surfaces alike. The mist will disinfect hard surfaces like kitchen counters and door handles and leave them touch try in just 45 seconds.

    Zoflora disinfectant lemon zing

    Image credit: Zoflora

    It can also be used to sanitise sofas, mattresses, pillows and even smelly shoes. The anti-bacterial properties will kill the smelly bacteria and replace it with one of Zoflora’s famous scents.

    The new mist will be available in five of Zoflora’s most popular fragrances – Midnight Blooms, Lemon Zing, Fig and Cedar, Linen Fresh and Mountain Air. Mountain air has specifically been designed for homes with pets, to help keep them safe.

    Zoflora Disinfectant Mist will be priced at £2.99, for a 300ml pack size. They are available to buy instore at Home Bargains and B&M, or online at

    While we can’t wait to try the new product, we will forever be fans of the original which has just launched two new fragrances – decadent Rhubarb and Casis, and refreshing Cucumber and Mint. If you’ve been struggling with how to clean a smelly washing machine, throw two capfuls of this stuff in the washing machine drum on a hot cycle.

    Trust us you’ll never look back.

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