Interior designer reveals 3 easy ways to refresh your home before the New Year

Put down the Christmas leftovers and give your home a three-step recharge

Interior designer Nicki Bamford-Bowes has shared how to refresh your home for 2022. Because after Christmas, it kinda needs it, right?

When it comes to getting primed and pumped for the new year, our homes deserve a little love too. From cosy living room lighting ideas to decluttering, Nicki has plenty of tips.

She also believes this Crimbo limbo period we now find ourselves in is the perfect time to restyle your home.

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'You're drowning in presents that need homes and there are decorations everywhere,' she says. It's time to make some new year's resolutions for your home.

Clear the clutter

'I always think it's good to start with a blank canvas,' she tells us. 'Indulge that empty feeling you have when you take all the Christmas decorations down and everything feels a bit bland.

'Because you know what? This is a really good thing,' she reassures us.

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Rethink how you use your home

'Just rethink everything. Go into each room, think how you use that space, what's important to you and your family,' says Nicki.

What we need from our homes is constantly evolving. Nicki says we should be asking ourselves some key questions about how we really use our homes day to day.

Do you need a better workspace at home? If your children are just starting secondary school, do they need a desk? Do you just need more storage? There's no shame in it, friends.

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Take a step back from the rush of everyday life and imagine what you would suggest in your home if you were an interior designer paid to come up with practical solutions.


Now you've done the hard work, it's time for some restyling. Nicki says the final thing to think about is: 'How am I going to make this feel really great and cosy for the longer nights and shorter days?' There are loads of winter living room ideas to help with this.

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'The key things we generally look for at this time are warmth and light,' she says. 'If it's just a simple restyle that's easy to achieve with lighting.

'Lots of little table lights, a corner light to light up that dark corner, perhaps adding more warmth in with colour,' she says. Nicki recommends adding in the best rugs. 'It always makes a space feel snug. Even if your space is small, make those rugs big and it makes it really cosy.'

Happy new (old) home!

Nicki Bamford-Bowes is an Interior Designer, Stylist and the owner of Then They Went Wild who will act as Home Essentials curator of content across the brands home decoration and interior design.

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