Five home renovations you can do WITHOUT planning permission

You'll be surprised what you can get away with...
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  • It’s easy to sit through shows such as Kirstie and Phil’s Love it or List and be filled with amazing ideas about revamping your home with extensions, conservatories and outdoor buildings. But how many of these renovations can you make with no planning permission needed?

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    Trying to work out which projects don’t need planning permission can be a bit of a minefield. However, Compare the Market has created a tool to help you work out which project have no planning permission needed.

    You’ll be surprised by just how many home renovations you can carry out without planning permission. Here are our top five projects you won’t have to tell the local authorities about.

    No planning permission needed

    1. Building a porch

    No planning permission needed 1

    Image credit: Polly Eltes

    You don’t need to submit an application for planning permission when building a porch if the floor doesn’t exceed 3 square metres, and it’s no more than 3 metres above ground level. You will also need to make sure that no part of the porch is within 2 metres of any boundary of the house or a highway.

    However, you will need to be careful if you take the front door of the property out the porch, as it then becomes part of the property and potentially subject to planning permission.

    2. Building a conservatory

    You don’t need permission for a conservatory if you adhere to the strict height and width regulations. The conservatory should cover no more than half of the land around the home and shouldn’t be higher than the highest roof. However, if the property is a single storey, the conservatory can be no higher than 4 metres.

    3. Building a shed

    No planning permission needed 2

    Image credit: Ti-Media

    If the floor area of the shed or outdoor room is less than 15 metres and not used for sleeping you shouldn’t need to apply for any building regulations. However, it is best to check your project with the local authorities just in case architectural drawings need to be submitted

    4. A loft conversion

    If you live in a designated area such as a national park or World Heritage Sites you will not be allowed a roof extension. However, in most areas, you won’t need planning permission as long as the loft conversion is no higher than the highest part of the roof and a similar material to the rest to the house is used.

    If you live in a terraced house the conversion can have a volume allowance of 40 cubic metres of additional space. Detached and semi-detached houses can have an extra 10 cubic metres on top of this. However, the roof enlargement can’t hang over the outer wall of the house.

    5. Building an extension

    No planning permission needed 3

    Image credit: Douglas Gibb

    It might surprise you to find out that you don’t need planning permission for building an extension. However, it will have to adhere to a long list of conditions including the size, height and roof pitch of the extension.

    Whether you are thinking about renovating your home or already halfway through planning it, be sure to check over the full list of restrictions on the compare the market tool.

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    You never know you could get away with transforming your home with no planning permission needed.

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