5 clever pancake pans for a flipping good Pancake Day

Spice up your Shrove Tuesday with these pancake pans – whether you prefer them sweet or savoury, these will make your Pancake Day fun!

 However you're spending this Shrove Tuesday – we're guessing indoors, with some store-bought mix and ridiculously basic toppings – we can help spruce things up in the kitchen. No more ingredients required! Yes, pancake pans are officially a thing (apparently they have been for a good while now) and we're here to tell you which ones are the best. For perfectly rounded, thick pancakes, thin pancakes shaped like a sausage dog or Frozen-themed ones that the kids will love. No more pancake fails or pancakes that you're afraid to post on the 'gram.

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See below for the fun pancake pans the kids will love – not just for pancake day either, since you can use these year-round for cooking eggs and more. Pancake Day falls on the 16th February this year, so you've not got long to buy a new pan...

5 fun pancake pans to buy for a Shrove Tuesday in lockdown

1.Use this pancake pan for perfectly shaped American-style pancakes

making of pancakes in pan

(Image credit: Intignis Store)

Because perfectly-shaped American-style pancakes are hard to achieve, and we all know they are a lot more satisfying than an unusually shaped, sloppy stack. Pour your batter into the four holes and wait to flip. This pan can also be used for eggs, omelettes and more, and tou needn't even use any oil. Yes, this non-stick pan is suitable for all hobs – including induction – and it's even dishwasher safe. Prettier pancakes and an easier cleanup? We're sold.

Buy now: Intignis Store Non Stick Ceramic Fry Pan, £34.99, Amazon

2. Put a smile on their faces with this emoji pan

non stick pancake pan

(Image credit: Btuty)

If you usually spend pancake day at your favourite cafe, or you like to visit family and friends to flip pancakes with them, then we can help put that smile back on your face. This emoji pan will print different faces on each of your small pancakes – even a winky face! It's non-stick and made from aluminium with a wooden handle. Easy to flip, too, just don't use it on an induction hob...

Buy now: Btuty griddle Pancake Maker Pan, £21.99, Amazon

3. Up your game with this sausage dog pancake pan

sausage dog pancake pan

(Image credit: Tefal)

Dog lover? This is the pancake pan for you. It comes with a squeezy bottle for your mixture, and on the pan you'll see an outline of a cute little sausage dog – this is here for you to trace. Simply draw around the lines, wait a few seconds and then fill in the middle and flip. You could even get creative and draw out of the lines with help from the squeezy bottle. Also, the spot in the middle of the pan will turn red when it's hot enough for your batter – clever.

 Buy now: Tefal Sausage Dog Pancake Pan, £22.99 at Amazon

4. Frozen fans, get a hold of this pancake pan

pancake making pan

(Image credit: Harts of Stur)

If you are spending Pancake Day with a few Frozen fans, then they will be delighted when you serve them some snowy pancakes on the morning of the 16th of February – especially if they have icing sugar and blueberries on top. Or, pour syrup or honey in the cracks for a lovely look and a sweeter taste. This pan can make seven of the same size pancakes, featuring different snowflake designs. It's also PFOA-free and easy to clean.

Buy now: Disney Frozen 2 - Snowflake Pancake Pan, now £27.50, Harts of Stur

5. For super cute animal print pancakes the kids (and you) will love

animal print pancake pan

(Image credit: Dayooh)

For kids and kidults, this frying pan is embossed with all different designs – from a dinosaur to an elephant, a llama, owl and more. For super cute pancakes that are small in size yet fluffy, tasty and cute! Use it on all hob types, and clean it with ease once you are finished. It even comes with a spatula for easy (and mess-free) flipping.

Buy now: Dayooh Pancake Pan, £34.99, Amazon

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We hope our Pancake Day guide has inspired you to add some fun to your pan collection. Now, let's get flipping...

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