Patsy Palmer and Gerard Butler's houses in Malibu are lost to California wildfires

It's devastating the region

Since it started on Thursday night, southern California's wildfire have killed more than 30 people and destroyed hundreds of properties across Malibu and surrounding areas. Among those caught up in the tragedy are Brits Gerard Butler and Patsy Palmer, who have both lost their homes in the blaze.

Many more are under threat, too. Our hearts go out to everyone involved in this terrible natural disaster.

Gerard Butler

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Poor Gerard returned to his hillside home yesterday to find it devastated by the fire that's been raging since Thursday. He's rumoured to have built the 1980s modernist home two years ago. We understand the property, largely clad in timber, was a cosy Architect-designed retreat.

That Gerard puts aside his own grief to talk about the bravery of the firefighters in the region makes us love him even more.

Miley Cyrus

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The singer has expressed that 'My animals and love of my life have made it out safely and that's all that matters right now' and that she's 'grateful for all I have left' following the loss of her four-bedroom home. The stunning property, which she shared with actor Liam Hemsworth, had a fun blue frontage that reflected the pop sensation's bubbly personality, while the interiors were classy and open-plan.

Will Miley and Liam seek refuge here? Miley Cyrus has bought a stunning Tennessee farmhouse. Yeehaw!

Robin Thicke and April Love Geary's house

Parents-to-be Robin and April have also lost their Malibu home – and are grateful to have made it out safe. 41-year-old singer Robin announced on Instagram that he, his girlfriend and his two kids are 'safe and surrounded by friends and family' and 'thankful to firefighters'.

Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Kanye and more

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Though it's not clear yet whether her home has been damaged, Lady Gaga was evacuated from the property on Friday morning as the fires raged on nearby. At one point Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's house in the Calabasas was also under threat, but the fire in that area has since been brought under control.

Actor Charlie Sheen resorted to social media when he was unable to contact his father and Malibu resident, West Wing star Martin. Posting on Twitter, Charlie pleaded, 'I cannot get a hold of my parents, Martin and Janet Sheen. They are in the group, at the staging ground near Zuma Beach. If anyone has eyes on them, please let me know that they are safe and sound in the middle of this horrific scenario.'

Happily, Sheen Snr was able to respond soon after via a news crew, who caught up with him on nearby Zuma Beach. But sadly, he believes 'there is little chance that our house has survived', according to local Fox TV network KTTV.

More stars getting ready to evacuate include Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, while Gerard isn't the only Brit to have lost his home.

Patsy Palmer

The former Eastenders star, who has since relocated to Los Angeles, posted this tragic image on Instagram two days ago. We hope, like she says, that 'The love we have in our hearts for each other will rebuild this devastating tragedy.'

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