Pinterest’s hottest summer entertaining trends – 16 ideas that will inspire you

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  • Whether you’re planning a summer BBQ or a picnic in the park, Pinterest’s Summer Entertaining Report 2017 is a mine of inspiration

    Summer has officially begun, and while you’ve probably already dusted off the barbecue and uncovered your outdoor furniture during the recent heatwaves, you might be looking for more ways to enjoy the season. So hurrah for Pinterest, which has just revealed some of the latest trends in summer entertaining.

    Some of these ideas won’t come as a shock to you, but there are a few sneaky surprises in there. And plenty to take your garden parties up a gear

    The Pinterest Summer Entertaining Report 2017 reveals what users have been searching for and pinning across three categories: outdoor decor, gardens and greenery, and food and drink.

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    First, here’s what’s trending in outdoor decor:

    1. Party-friendly spaces of all sizes: searches up 55 per cent

    Outdoor kitchen

    Image credit: Chris Everard

    Outdoor bar? Outdoor kitchen? Outdoor games? Check! No matter how small your garden, create an outdoor space that will accommodate all the parties you’ll be hosting this summer.

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    2. Tangerine is the new black: searches up 42 per cent


    Image credit: | Pinterest

    From pots and tiles to outdoor sofas and cushions, warm tangerine tones are bang on trend this summer.

    3. Outdoor gallery walls: searches up 39 per cent

    You’ll (hopefully) be spending a lot of time in the garden this summer, so take your indoor decorating scheme outdoors with weatherproof photo frames and pictures to give your guests something to admire.

    4. Outdoor tiling: searches up 32 per cent

    Floor tiles

    Image credit: Rachel Whiting

    Whether on the floor or adorning a wall, fun tiles in colourful prints provide an impressive base for outdoor living areas.

    5. Upholstered furniture: searches up 32 per cent

    Pinterest trends

    ‘People are literally moving their front rooms outside for summer,’ say Pinterest. This includes rugs, coffee tables, and throw pillows – fingers crossed for good weather then!

    Next, gardens and greenery:

     6. Plants you can’t kill: searches up 195 per cent

    Embroidery plants

    Image credit: Patternbank | Pinterest

    Pinners must be feeling the frustration when it comes to keeping plants alive, as the latest advice from Pinterest is to try embroidery!

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    7. Aloe Vera gardening: searches up 67 per cent

    Aloe vera

    Image credit: David Giles

    Not only is Aloe a relatively easy plant to grow (anyone searching for plants you can’t kill, take note), its leaves also offer all kinds of health benefits and can be used in smoothies and beauty products.

    8. Garden in a can: searches up 39 per cent

    Windowsill garden

    Image credit: Babble | Pinterest

    No outdoor space? No problem! No space is too small to accommodate plants, so focus on your window sill. ‘The window sill is your new container garden,’ say Pinterest, and using recycled materials such as cans to house new plants is quickly gaining popularity.

    9. High-tech gardening: searches up 29 per cent

    Make gardening easier by embracing the latest technology, such as a timer that monitors water levels and lets you control watering zones from your smartphone.

    10. Kid- and drought-friendly landscaping: searches up 28 per cent

    With inevitable hosepipe bans and the kids out of school for summer, it’s important to kit out your garden accordingly.

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    And finally food and drink:

    11. Smoked everything: searches up 170 per cent

    Smoked food

    Image credit: Will Heap

    This is more than just meats. ‘People are smoking everything from mac and cheese to onion rings and cocktails,’ says Pinterest.

    12. Decorative ice: searches up 82 per cent

    Fruity ice cubes

    Image credit: Polly Eltes

    Liven up your ice cubes and stay cool this summer by adding fruit and herbs to your ice tray. This is a sure fire way to impress your guests. Cocktail anyone?

    13. Middle Eastern flavours: searches up 55 per cent

    Say farewell to BBQ sauce – harissa and tzatziki are the new barbecue condiments of choice.

    14. Bunless BBQs: searches up 52 per cent

    Salad bowl

    Image credit: Charlotte Tolhurst

    It’s all about the bowl this year. ‘Bunless BBQs are an easy/healthy way to serve up your faves straight from the grill,’ Pinterest reports.

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    15. Upcycled fruit: searches up 37 per cent

    Furniture isn’t the only thing you can upcycle. ‘Before you toss your cantaloupe rind or hollowed out coconut, get creative with ways you can serve smoothie bowls, cocktails and more,’  Pinterest tells us.

    16. Edible flowers: searches up 31 per cent

    Because every meal looks better decorated with edible flowers, apparently.

    We’re definitely sold on a few of those trends – particularly anything that makes gardening easier! Not so sure about those edible flowers, but we shall see…

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