Shoppers are going wild for Primark's blush pink bedroom range

We're tickled pink by this range

Love beautiful bedding and pink hues? Then Primark's latest offering is bound to get you excited. The high street retailer's blush bedding and bedroom accessories range has already taken Instagram by storm, attracting more than 16,000 likes and scores of comments from excited shoppers.

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And with a price point starting at just £2.50, this must-have collection will keep you awake at night for all the right reasons. Reacting to the Instagram post one person wrote:

'Love this bedding, looks so elegant.'

A second added: 'This duvet set is pretty.', while a third continued: 'OMG they look amazing.'

Let's take a look at some of the highlights...

Primark Blush Bedding

bedroom with primark blush bedding

(Image credit: Primark)

There's a lovely vintage feel to this floral bedding set that's an ideal match for period interiors. The block colour underside also adds contrast.

In store only: Blush Bedding, £11, Primark

Primark Dark Pink Velvet With Linen Back Cushion

primark dark pink velvet cushion

(Image credit: Primark)

Two textures and looks for the price of one – what's not to love? Both velvet and natural fibres are so in right now, so you'll be ticking some trend boxes too.

In store only: Dark Pink Velvet With Linen Back Cushion, £5, Primark

Primark Luxury Scented Candle Pink

primark Scented Candle Pink

(Image credit: Primark)

The intricate patterned glass will add a touch of chic to any room and we're keeping our fingers crossed that the scent has some heady notes of spring.

In store only: Luxury Scented Candle Pink, £2.50, Primark

Primark Alarm Clock Pink

primark pink alarm clock

(Image credit: Primark)

Rise AND shine with this stylish alarm clock in bubblegum pink. The gold detailing helps with this purse-friendly alarm clock stand out from the crowd?

In store only: Alarm Clock Pink, £5, Primark

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Which is your favourite item from the collection?