Primark has introduced pretty shopping bags which double up as wrapping paper

A savvy, eco-friendly solution!

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start planning presents. One high street retailer has come up with a brilliant way to make gift wrapping a little more environmentally-friendly this year.

This season Primark's shopping bags double up as wrapping paper. The classic 100% recycled brown bags have been given a Christmassy makeover. Featuring a red striped design, very reminiscent of festive candy canes.

Shoppers can simply tear the striped bags to remove the handles and bottom and then use it as wrapping paper. What’s more, the store’s logo sits on the bottom, so the person receiving the gift will have no idea the paper has been up-cycled.

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Primark wrapping paper bags 2020

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In case shoppers forget, the bags are printed with a message on the side, which reads 'this bag makes great wrapping paper.' Once the bags have served their second purpose they can be popped in the recycling bin - unlike lots of other wrapping papers which often contain plastic.

This handy hack's also a great way to save money on gift wrap – something lots of us are looking to do this year.

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that Primark stores in England are closed until the end of lockdown, which is planned until 2nd December. So customers will be able to pick up these environmentally-friendly bags in shops from then onwards.

However, some stores in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales are currently open. You can check if your local store is open on the website.

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The idea was spotted by the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, but lots of followers were quick to joke about the fragile nature of Primark bags - particularly when they get wet.

One person said, 'If you can get the bag home in one piece you can reuse it as wrapping paper.'

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Stores are due to open at the beginning of December.