GP reveals the part of our homes we should all prioritise cleaning

Are you overdue a deep clean?
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  • During lockdown getting professional cleaners in was off the cards. Instead, according to Checkatrade Brit’s buckled down and spent an average of 2.5 hours a week cleaning. However, with restrictions starting to ease GP Dr Dawn Harper is encouraging households to schedule a deep clean day and get the professional cleaners in. With a professional carpet cleaner as the number one priority.

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    Why your home needs a professional carpet cleaner

    ‘As we’ve been juggling family life, our jobs and managing the household, cleaning can often fall at the bottom of our list,’ Dr Harper explains. ‘However, the additional time we’ve all been spending at home means high footfall areas like carpets are likely to be dirtier than ever before.

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    ‘So getting in a professional to take on those trickier one-off tasks like deep cleaning the carpet or the outside of the windows, will reduce time and stress and will give you peace of mind at a time when cleanliness is top of everyone’s agenda.’

    Even if you are a rigorous vacuumer, you can still benefit from a deep carpet clean. Vacuuming only removes surface dirt and still leaves behind dust mites, bacteria and other mites. To ensure your carpets are as clean as possible now is the time to consider getting in a professional carpet cleaner.

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    ‘Although restrictions are currently easing, we need to be mindful that in autumn or winter we might find ourselves back under more restrictions,’ Dr Harper explains.

    ‘With that in mind, we should be using the time and resources we have available now to address the wear and tear our homes have gone through in recent months and make them as clean, healthy and mindful as possible.’

    If you are worried about letting a professional tradesperson into your home at the moment, there are other ways to give your home and carpet a deep clean. It might be worth considering investing in a steam cleaner to lift grime from your carpets.

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    Are your carpets overdue a deep clean?

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