Asda is selling a robot vacuum cleaner for under £90 – cheaper than Aldi’s version!

Take the hard work out of cleaning
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  • Put your feet up and scratch a chore off your to-do list with this Asda Robot Vacuum.

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    If you missed out on Aldi’s robotic vacuum cleaner don’t worry we have an even better bargain for you. George at Asda is selling the Goblin Robot Vacuum for just £89.96. That’s £40 less than Aldi’s £129.99 version!

    Asda robot vacuum

    Having a robot vacuum at home is the closest thing to having a house-elf that will clean up dust and dirt while you’re out of the house. The white goblin robot vacuum available from Asda promises to keep hard floors and short-pile carpets clean.

    Asda robot vacuum 2

    The Goblin GRV101W-20 Robot Vacuum has a running time of up to 90 minutes. When the time is up it will automatically return to its dock to recharge. Clever right?

    The robot vacuum includes technology to help it navigate around furniture and objects. That means you won’t come home to any dents in your wall or furniture. Or your vacuum trapped in a corner.

    It comes with a spare HEPA filter and corner cleaning brush. The handy remote means you can schedule it to do daily cleaning. You can even choose different cleaning modes to help get your home sparkling.

    Asda robot vacuum 1

    The vacuum itself is 33 x 33 x 7.8 cm, with a sleek white finish. Small enough to sit comfortably, and out of the way in the corner of the room next to its charging dock.

    Buy now: White Goblin Robot Vacuum, £89.96, George at Asda

    It is bagless and can only take a capacity of 0.5 litres, so you will need to keep an eye on emptying it. Sadly, your robot vacuum can’t do all your chores for you – we can only dream.

    But for less than £90, this robot vacuum is a piece of household magic at a bargain price. You can pick one up in-store at Asda or order online.

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    Will you be adding one to your bag?

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