Shoppers are calling Mrs Hinch’s favourite new cleaning tool ‘a game-changer everybody needs’

It promises to cut cleaning time in half
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  • If you are looking for a tool that will take the hard work out of cleaning, look no further than the SonicScrubber.

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    The clever cleaning tool first came to our attention thanks to cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch. The influencer regularly shares cleaning how-to videos on her Instagram stories. In some of her most recent stories, the SonicScrubber has played a starring role.

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    Happy Saturday Hinchers! How are we all? Thought I would share a pic of my hinched en-suite smelling of lavender escape zoflora 😍 why not! I could stand in here all day 🤣 I’ve popped neat zoflora in the toilet brush , poured some down the toilet and plugs, sprayed zoflora (diluted) on all the tiles and wiped those down! And finished off spraying the shower mat with it too! 💜 what rooms have you hinched today? Or what is your favourite disinfectant to hinch with? Also I wanted to say a HUGE thank you from me for always keeping me going with my insta account .. it’s not been the most positive of places to be lately but i think it’s always good to remember just how lucky we all are ❤ lucky enough to even have our homes to clean in the first place. No matter how many followers an account may have .. no one is here to ever take away anyone else’s shine (literally)! We are all aware of the awful negativity that is happening in the world right now .. it’s honestly had me speechless the past few days .. and it puts so much into perspective .. let’s not waste energy being negative .. but instead be grateful , thankful and pray for those who really need us. #weareallinthistogether

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    Mrs Hinch demonstrated how to use the tool to clean out the corners of the washing machine drawer, and how to get kitchen tiles sparkling. If the finished results are anything to go by, the cleaning brush works like a dream. But what is so special about this latest Mrs Hinch favourite?

    The SonicScrubber cleaning brush

    The SonicScrubber works like an electric toothbrush, the oscillating head rotates 10,000 times per minute. That means a lot less effort and time spent scrubbing for you. In fact the cleaning brush promises to improve cleaning time by up to 57 per cent.

    It is battery-powered with a long head making it perfect for reaching all those hard to reach areas. So know more excuses for neglecting those dusty sink pipes or cupboard corners.

    SonicScrubber 1

    You can choose between four different heads – a medium size, large size, cone-shaped and soft bristles. Whatever your cleaning needs one of these heads is bound to do the trick.

    Buy now: SonicScrubber, £18.99, Amazon

    However, Mrs Hinch isn’t the only fan of the electric cleaning brush. It has picked up glowing reviews on Amazon with an average 4.6-star rating out of 1,753 reviews.

    ‘Had sitting on my wishlist for a few months trying to decide it is was something I needed or just another gimmick I would use then realise I didn’t actually need it. Should have bought it straight away! Gets tough marks off pretty much anything without doing damage to what is underneath,’ wrote one reviewer.

    ‘This is a game-changer, everybody needs one,’ wrote another.

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    The brush is available on Amazon for £18.99. Will you be adding one to your cleaning caddy?

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