7 signs you need a professional organiser in your life

Stuffocation is when you've accumlated so much stuff you feel overwhelmed and oppressed by our own things. Know the feeling? Maybe it's time to sort out your life!

You know the feeling when your home gets overrun with stuff? We're not talking high-level hoarding or gross unkempt houses, we're just talking about an awful lot of stuff that leads to heaps of clutter. Journalist, James Wallman has coined the phrase "stuffocation" – a feeling of being oppressed by an ever expanding mountain of belongings.

So how do we deal with the rise of "stuffocation"? With a professional organiser that's how! Here are a few tell-tale signs that you need to call in the heavies to sort out your stuff...

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1. You have tons of stuff stacked up on the floor...

room with grey wall and wooden flooring

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In boxes, in the wardrobe and every drawer is packed to the brim (obviously with no organisation). If only you could get somone to empty all the drawers/boxes and crates and sort them out into an organised system.

2. You have forgotten the stuff that you own...

loaded car

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So you keep having to buy the same things over and over again. You now probably own 3 of everything (not that you can find any of it).

3. You've become bored with everything you own

The sad truth is that if you spend that money on experiences instead, you'll end up getting lots more satisfaction and joy

4. Your kids have so many toys...

attic wall with tv and open shelve

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And they don't even notice when they disappear.

5. You can't even begin to tackle the mountain of paperwork piling up on your dining room table

God know's if you've even up to date on all the bills!

6. When you put some stuff away you just shove it all in one drawer/box/crate

room with open shelve

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Hey, at least it's out of the way!

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7. Your desk at work is a complete nightmare...

room with wooden table and lamp

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With mountains of paper, old coffee cups and hundreds of books/magazines that never get filed away.

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