Obsessed with rose gold? You will love this Mum’s Wilko bedside table makeover

Can we persuade her to come to our house?
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  • Just when we thought our fondness for all things rose gold couldn’t escalate any further we stumbled upon this stunning DIY bedside table.

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    With the help of a little imagination and a couple of cans of Wilko spray paint, a savvy mum transformed a set of dull wooden drawers into a dreamy rose gold bedside table.

    DIY bedside table


    Posting a photo of the finished drawers on her Instagram feed @styling_my_home, Tara Scholes, a mum of two, captioned the shot: ‘couldn’t resist sharing these drawers with you again! I upcycled them a couple of weeks ago with some products from @lovewilko and I couldn’t be more pleased!’

    When Wilko reposted the photo on their Instagram feed, the DIY beside table drummed up a legion of fans. The post quickly clocked up 2,644 likes and 50 comments.

    Fans were swooning over the simple but effective design, including:

    ‘Love that! Fab idea xx’

    ‘That is a thing of beauty’

    One fan even went so far to ask: ‘when can you visit my house? Oh, don’t forget the pain, pewter instead of copper?’

    However, a house visit might not be needed, as this DIY bedside table is a piece of cake to make.

    ‘A friend was getting rid of these drawers, and as a keen upcycler, I knew I could bring some new life to them,’ says Tara. ‘My bedroom has a monochrome theme with pops of metallic so I used Wilko’s black furniture paint and copper spray paint.’

    DIY bedside table 3

    Image credit: @styling_at_home/ Instagram

    To prime the drawers ready for painting, Tara removed the original handles and lightly sanded them down with a palm sander before applying a spray primer from Wilko. ‘This helps the paint to stick to the unit and reduce any scratches in the future,’ she explains.

    She then covered the entire bedside table in black furniture paint from Wilko using a small roller. ‘The black furniture paint has great coverage so I only used two coats,’ she says.

    Once it was fully dry she positioned washi masking tape in a triangle shape on the front of the drawers. To protect the rest of the drawers from the spray paint she covered them up.

    DIY bedside table 1

    Image credit: @styling_at_home/ Instagram

    In a well-ventilated area with a mouth mask, Tara used Wilko metallic spray paint to fill in the exposed area and the metal handles she’d brought on eBay for £5.40 for a pack of 10.

    Tara finished both the handles and drawers off with two coats of the rose-gold paint, before waiting for it to dry.

    ‘When that dried I removed the tape – which is always my favourite part – and screwed the handles on!’ Tara adds.

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    The result? a gorgeous rose gold accented DIY bedside table – and lots of paint leftover for future projects!

    Have you been inspired to pick up the rose gold spray paint?

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