Samsung takes on Dyson with a new cordless vacuum cleaner

The Samsung PowerStick Pro claims to have the world's most powerful suction for a cable-free cleaner

Dyson's cord-free vacs have been a sensation in recent years. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, with no cables to hold you back, they also boast the power to deal with dirt quickly. And they're a bit of a status symbol. Who hasn't secretly hoped their guests will spill something so they can whip their Dyson stick out of a cupboard and whizz it under their noses? Or is that just us?!

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Anyway, the big news is that Dyson is about to get some serious competition – meet the Samsung PowerStick Pro. Out in October, this stylish stick cleaner hopes to tempt us with its unrivalled suction, reliable battery and time- and effort-saving features.

Samsung PowerStick Pro cordless vacuum cleaner claims to have the world's most powerful suction for a cable-free cleaner

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Let's start with its 150W motor that apparently spins faster than a tornado. This powers a unique two-roller brush that's super-efficient at picking up dirt. As you push the vacuum across the floor, the front roller turns one way while the back roller rates in the opposite direction.

This makes sure every last bit of dirt – small and large – is picked up instantly. And without you having to run the PowerStick back and forth across the same surface multiple times, à la Freddie Mercury performing I Want To Break Free. You'll be done and ready for a nice sit down with a cup of tea and a biscuit before you know it.

white & silver vacuum cleaner with flexible handle

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We had a quick play with the PowerStick Pro at its launch event in Berlin and loved it. In fact, the nice Korean chap demoing it almost had to wrestle it off us! So what makes using it such a joy? Let's start with its hinged Flex handle, which moves up to 50°. So should you need to vacuum under furniture or around a particularly stubborn cat, you can! And without any awkward strain on your wrist or back.

Using vacuum cleaner on wooden flooring for cleaning

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To turn the PowerStick on, just press the trigger. There's no need to hold it down as you clean unless you want to use it in turbo mode, again, saving you a bit of effort.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery will last for up to 40 minutes. That's more than enough time to cover the ground floor of the average home. Also, it's designed to be used for five years without any pesky drop off in power, after which time it's easily swapped for a replacement.

Even emptying the PowerStick is simple. The dustbin located just below the handle detaches, so you can take it over to the nearest bin. Then, you just pull a lever to release the dirt. A HEPA filter makes sure that 99.9 per cent of dust stays in the canister, keeping your home free of any nasty allergens.

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samsung cordless vacuum cleaner with silver/black body and red triggers

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Last but not least, we should mention the PowerStick's handy extra tools – three are included in the box. There's an extension crevice tool that will get to any dirt down between sofa cushions or high up in corners. A combination tool collects dirt and dust from all sorts of surfaces, from tables to window frames. Finally, the deep-clean brush is designed to remove hair and dirt from carpets.

Other optional extras include a Mini Motorized Tool that vibrates to draw nasties from mattresses and upholstered furniture. You can also buy a flexible tool that bends at an angle. This is useful for getting to the dirt that lurks at the tops of high shelves, wardrobes or kitchen cabinets.

The PowerStick Pro will be available from October. We don't have a price as yet, but we'll update this post as soon as we do. The question is, do you think it's going to be better than a Dyson?

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