School bus converted into tiny home on wheels

See how this guy has converted an old school bus into an epic living space

Ever sat at your desk lusting after life on the road, travelling the world in a portable home?

This guy is living the dream for you!

before and after images of school bus makeover

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A father and son duo have converted an old school bus from the '90s into a tiny home on wheels - and the result is pretty epic.

Think camper-van-living-with-endless-school-trips and you have just about summed up Patrick's life.

blue school buses on road

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Purchasing the old bus from a yard sale, Patrick says: 'Two buses were standing side by side in the church lot down in Long Beach, Cali. Bus number 5, left, picked me.

‘I decided to check out of the game and live in a school bus tiny home conversion. I have loved every single mile of my almost 10,000 mile road trip across 30 states in my School Bus Tiny Home.'

school bus makeover

(Image credit: skoolielove)

Documenting the furnishing process on his Imgur page entitled
‘My journey Home; Living in a School Bus', Patrick and his father are photographed gutting the old bus of its chewing gum ridden seats and ripping out the floors and ceilings until a shell remains.

school bus makeover

(Image credit: skoolielove)

From there, the duo put down wooden floorboards and insulation panels, fitted a swanky loo (we don't remember those on our school buses!) and finished the furnish with cosy seating areas, bedding and make-shift curtains.

Everything is custom built and made with a whole lotta love.

school bus makeover with blue curtains and chairs

(Image credit: skoolielove)

So far Patrick has visited everywhere from Maryland to California and Montana to Mississippi in just two months!

And he doesn't look like he's slowing down - follow his epic journey across America in his much loved school bus, Skoolie, on Instagram.

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