Are you struggling for a secret Santa gift?

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  • Fear not! Find out how to pick the perfect present for your secret Santa...

    According to a poll of 2,000 Brits, the age-old tradition of Secret Santa is still going strong with two thirds of us confessing to taking part and nearly half (45 percent) admitting to really enjoying it.

    Despite colleagues preferring to gift each other for Christmas over birthdays and anniversaries, this does not alleviate the anxieties of choosing the right gift, with nearly a third of us (30 percent) stating we find colleagues and employers to be the most difficult people in our lives to buy for.

    With half of us (50 percent) admitting we would be delighted if we received a thoughtful gift from an employer or colleague, individuals feel the pressure to find the right present, with over a fifth (22 percent) finding it awkward, often nervously opting for a generic bottle of wine or a box of chocolates.

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    How to choose a secret Santa gift?

    Here are the top 5 tips for gifting thoughtfully this Christmas.

    Choose presents made with care

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    Handmade gifts offer a unique edge. Our research has shown that nearly a fifth (19 percent) of Brits think a unique gift is a tell-tale sign of how much thought has gone into it so why not opt for an independent seller who can make something that little bit more bespoke and special?

    Agree and set the budget before purchases are made

    Setting a budget can save embarrassment and disappointment but it’s not all about the cost. You can’t put a price on a personal or thoughtful gift so don’t pressurise yourself too much into spending a certain amount of money.

    Take a peek at their social channels

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    Social channels can reveal a lot about someone you might not know very well like a colleague or distant relative; check their Instagram page to see whether they love to travel, or have any pets. Facebook page likes can also delve into someone’s personality: perhaps they have a favourite band they follow which means you could look into gifts like a personalised song sound wave print, or they could be an avid football fan meaning you could gift vintage football team coasters.

    Personalise the purchase


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    Receiving a gift which is personal can make you feel that little bit more special. If you’re really struggling for ideas, why not try a more classic gift like a wallet or notepad but with a personalised twist? Perhaps you could modify it with a special date or location, or even a hidden photo!

    Conduct your own detective desk research

    If you’ve been roped into organising a gift for someone who sits at the other end of the office, why not have a quick nosey at what’s on their desk. Everything from plant pots, photo frames and condiments can reveal a lot, giving you an indication as to whether they’re a foodie, art-lover or family man/woman.

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    What are the top 5 secret Santa gifts?

    1. A bottle of wine

    2. Chocolates

    3. Gift voucher

    4. Something cheeky/rude

    5. Bath gift set


    Image credit: Polly Eltes

    “It is clear from our research that while people love to receive a gift from their colleague, we feel the pressure of finding the right gift for those we don’t know so well.

    “To help overcome the challenges of finding the perfect gift this Christmas, we have introduced a Gift Finder where present-givers need to only enter a few details on the recipient to reveal a bespoke gift list to help Britons gift thoughtfully,” says Leanne McEntee, Product & Inspiration Director at notonthehighstreet.

    What are you buying for your secret Santa this year?

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